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From Chicago to Los Angeles

The perfect summer getaway

Embedded in the enticing mountains-and-rivers in Pacific Northwest landscape, the festival keeps a counter-culture spin on almost everything with organic food, an unbounded atmosphere, different and unique attires, and the thumping pioneering of music. A scene lively enough to stand in contrast to the manufactured swanky music, organically processed foods, and traditions which plague the mainstream. There are also a lot of divided opinions about the festival achieving utopia. Most of the dedicated fans of the fan would say an affirmed 'yes'-backed up by not only the magical vibes which make every season look like "the best one ever," but the lack of security issues can blight other festivals. At the fest for at least four days, peace is much more than just a dream.

Good music is the core value and the spirit of the fest. It was first held in 1991, and has since grown from mere 20 artists on a single stage to a 10grand music lover's event with over 50 performers. Four days are hardly enough to pack in all the ingredients of musical goodness, but the organizers make every possible effort with an almost 96-hour binge of bluegrass, funk, swag, jazz, electronic and numerous whimsical fusions like the spunky "newgrass" and "country punk."