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Privacy Policy

LookUpFare is an independent organization which specializes in travel bookings. We are not bound by the laws of any other private or government body, and we strictly follow our own privacy policies. We do comply with the national and state laws that are applicable on our itineraries.

We ensure that all bookings with us are absolutely safe, secure and private.

We collect your personal and travel information based purely on your bookings. We collect details like your full name, contact information, residential address, email address, fax number and billing information during member registration and online bookings. We also require information with regards to your preferences in terms of preferred airline, destination and travel period. These informative details are of key importance to ensure the correct booking. Rest assured, we preserve all information with the highest levels of safety and security.

We also automatically gather information about your computer details, including the server, IP address, referring website and browser. This information is gathered for no other reason than to ensure your protection from fraud.

We use your personal information, like name and contact details to process your bookings, send confirmations, manage your account and provide other essential notifications about your bookings. We also use your information for sending you promotional emails and offers, so that you can take advantage of all of our travel related opportunities.

The most important information collected from you is your billing details, which includes your credit card or payment transaction details. We understand the sensitivity of disclosing this information, however, we cannot avoid collecting these details for the purpose of processing your travel bookings. The card number, card holder name, expiry date and the card verification value number at the back of the card are essential, but we ensure to restrict the use solely for your bookings.

We are strongly committed to not sharing your personal information with any third party, not directly or indirectly associated with our business operations. We ensure high levels of protection for all of your submitted information. However, we may require to share the some details with our associates, suppliers, corporate affiliates and business partners. We are connected to various professionals, suppliers and third party vendors for providing travel services on our behalf. We need to give them the required information to confirm the processing of your travel bookings. Third party vendors include customer service professionals, a fraud prevention team, credit card processing officials and marketing personnel that collect information on our behalf to ensure completion of your booking. Our partners will only use your information for your travel needs and not for any other purpose.

We may also share your personal information with legal authorities to investigate, prevent and take necessary actions for illegal activities on the website. In the case we feel the need to share your information, we will request your consent first.

We will communicate through emails to keep you updated on the latest travel deals available to us. If at any period of time you feel you no longer want to receive our emails or newsletters, you can unsubscribe. We will preserve all of your personal details but we do not hold the right or authority to use your contact details for communication after you've subscribed. You solely reserve the right to unsubscribe and request to stop receiving emails and other informative pieces of communication from our end.

The most sensitive and important information we collect is your credit card and banking details. We use secured layers of protection on the server with a highly advanced encryption technology. All the information that you provide is automatically encrypted or scrambled through a coding system on your browser itself. This ensures that only the confirmation of payment is received by us and not your credit card details or banking passwords.

Cookies are known to be small text files stored in the system's hard drive. These cookies are waste data files and are often deleted to empty space on the hard drive, but are of great importance when it comes to protecting your personal privacy. Through the cookies, we try to understand your style of feeding the information, your mode of transaction, your browser preference and other specific activity. Once we understand the same we try and analyze it during your next transaction to cross check and confirm your identity while you process your travel bookings on our website.

The privacy policy does not involve the practices and activities of companies or sites that are not owned or regulated by us. For better understanding of their respective privacy policies, please go through their corresponding policies before you share your personal information.

We are available 24x7 at or 1-888-509-5589 for all of your concerns, comments or questions you have regarding our site or the booking process.

We may update or revise our privacy policies at any period of time, without prior notice. Any update will be posted immediately on our home page or through the newsletters or emails. Please stay updated with our policies, especially when booking travel with us.