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Insurance Benefits Maximum Benefit Amount
Trip Cancellation Air Ticket Cost*
Trip Interruption Return Ticket Cost*
Travel Delay (8 hours or more) $750
Medical Expense / Emergency Evacuation Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation $25,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Common Carrier only) $25,000
Baggage and Personal Effects $1,000
Baggage Delay (12 hours or more) $500

*Maximum Trip Cost $10,000 / *Maximum Trip Length 180 Days (Domestic)
*Maximum Trip Cost $50,000 / *Maximum Trip Length 180 Days (International)

Non-Insurance Services

One Call 24-Hour Assistance Services
Global Xpi Medical Records Services

TRIP CANCELLATION - Protects the Prepaid Payments or Deposits You paid for Your Travel Arrangements in the event You have to cancel due to a covered reason.

TRIP INTERRUPTION - Provides You with a reimbursement for the additional airfare cost to return home, if Your Trip is interrupted for a covered reason.

TRAVEL DELAY - Assists with additional travel expenses incurred when You are delayed at least 8 hours due to a covered reason. In the event of a covered delay, You will be reimbursed for additional expenses for hotels, meals, and transportation.

MEDICAL EXPENSE/EMERGENCY EVACUATION - Provides Medical Expense benefits for a covered Sickness or Injury incurred while on Your Trip. When required, We will evacuate You to the nearest qualified hospital and will then return You home when You are safe to travel.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT - (Common Carrier only) Provides coverage for loss of life, limb or sight resulting from an Accidental Injury occurring during Your Trip, while riding solely as a passenger in or on, boarding or alighting from, any public conveyance provided by a Common Carrier.

BAGGAGE & PERSONAL EFFECTS - Provides reimbursement when Your Baggage or personal belongings (including passports and visas) are damaged, lost or stolen during Your Trip.

BAGGAGE DELAY - Provides reimbursement for the purchase of necessary personal items such as change of clothes and toiletries if Your checked Baggage is delayed 12 hours or more.

Waiver of the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion - The exclusion for Pre-Existing Condition will be waived provided:
(a) Your payment for this Plan is received within 3 days of the date Your initial Payment or Deposit for Your Trip is received; and
(b) You are not disabled from travel at the time Your plan payment is paid.

INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW: Benefits on this page are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all insurance coverages. This advertisement does not constitute or form any part of the Plan Description or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits, limits and provisions may vary by state jurisdiction. To review full plan details online, go to: Plan Payments are made up of Insurance Benefits and Non-Insurance Services.

Insurance Benefits are underwritten by: United States Fire Insurance Company, 5 Christopher Way, 3rd Flr, Eatontown, NJ 07724 under Policy Form Series T210.

Non-Insurance Services: are not insurance benefits underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company. One Call 24-Hour Assistance Services are provided by: One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network and Global Xpi Medical Records Services are provided by Trip Mate.

Plan Administrator: Trip Mate, Inc. (in CA & UT, dba Trip Mate Insurance Agency) 9225 Ward Parkway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64114, 1-800-888-7292.

Description of Proposed Coverages


hese benefits are payable if a Trip is canceled or interrupted due to a covered reason.

Covered reasons for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption are:

  1. The Insured's, an Immediate Family Member's, Traveling Companion's, or Business Partner's Sickness; Injury; or death; or
  2. for the following Other Covered Reasons:
    1. You or Your Traveling Companion being hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury (notice of jury duty must be received after Your Effective Date), served with a court order to appear as a witness in a legal action in which You or Your Traveling Companion is not a party (except law enforcement officers);
    2. Your or Your Traveling Companion's primary place of residence or destination being rendered uninhabitable by fire, flood, burglary or other Natural Disaster. We will only pay benefits for Losses occurring within 30 calendar days after the Natural Disaster makes Your destination accommodations uninhabitable. Your primary place of residence or destination is uninhabitable if:
      (i) the building structure itself is unstable and there is a risk of collapse in whole or in part;
      (ii) there is exterior or structural damage allowing elemental intrusion, such as rain, wind, hail, or flood;
      (iii) immediate safety hazards have yet to be cleared such as debris on roofs or downed electrical lines; or
      (iv) the property is without electricity or water. Benefits are not payable if a storm, snow storm, blizzard or hurricane is named on or before the Effective Date of Your Trip Cancellation coverage;
    3. a documented theft of passports or visas;
    4. You or Your Traveling Companion being directly involved in a traffic accident, substantiated by a police report, while en route to Your scheduled point of departure;
    5. unannounced Strike that causes complete cessation of services for at least 12 consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;
    6. Inclement Weather that causes complete cessation of services for at least 12 consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;
    7. Mechanical breakdown that causes complete cessation of services for at least 12 consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;
    8. a government-mandated shutdown of an airport or air traffic control system due to a Natural Disaster;
    9. You or Your Traveling Companion is in the military and called to emergency duty for a national disaster other than war;
    10. a Terrorist Incident that occurs within 30 days of Your Scheduled Departure Date in a city listed on the itinerary of Your Trip. Benefits are not provided if the Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary;
    11. revocation of your previously granted military leave or re-assignment due to war. Official written revocation/re-assignment by a supervisor or commanding officer of the appropriate branch of service will be required;

Trip Cancellation Benefits:

If the Insured cancels his/her Trip for a covered reason; we will reimburse the Insured for the unused non-refundable pre-paid expenses for Travel Arrangements.

Trip Interruption Benefits:

If the Insured interrupts his/her Trip for a covered reason; we will reimburse the Insured for the Additional Transportation Cost paid to return home or rejoin the Trip.


Benefits will be paid for reasonable accommodation, meal, and local transportation expenses incurred by the Insured up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits if the Insured is delayed for 8 hours or more while in route to or from, or during a Trip, due to:

  1. any delay of a Common Carrier. The delay must be certified by the Common Carrier;
  2. lost or stolen passports, travel documents or money (must be substantiated by a police report);
  3. quarantine, hijacking, Strike, natural disaster, terrorism or riot;
  4. a documented weather condition preventing the Insured from getting to the point of departure.


This benefit is composed of the following package of insurance benefits and medical/legal assistance services:

Benefits will be paid on an Excess basis for the Covered Expense incurred, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits as a result of a Covered Accidental Injury or covered Sickness, which first occurs during the Insured's Trip. Only Covered Expenses incurred during the Trip will be reimbursed.

Benefits will include up to $750 for expenses incurred during the Trip for emergency dental treatment. Only expenses for emergency dental treatment to natural teeth incurred during the Trip will be reimbursed.

Benefits will not be paid in excess of the Usual and Customary Charges.

Advance payment will be made to a Hospital, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount, if needed to secure the Insured's admission to a Hospital, because of a Covered Accidental Injury or covered Sickness.

For the purpose of this benefit:

"Covered Expense" means expense incurred only for the following:

  1. The medical services, prescription drugs, and therapeutic services ordered or prescribed by a Legally Qualified Physician as Medically Necessary for treatment;
  2. Hospital or ambulatory medical-surgical center services (including expenses for a cruise ship cabin or hotel room, not already included in the cost of the Your Trip, if recommended as a substitute for a hospital room for recovery from a Covered Accidental Injury or covered Sickness);
  3. Transportation furnished by a professional ambulance company to and/or from a Hospital.

Medical Evacuation and Return of Remains When the Insured suffers loss of life for any reason or incurs a Sickness or Injury during the course of his/her Trip, the following benefits are payable, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits.

  1. Emergency Medical Evacuation: If the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and the Program Medical Advisor determine that transportation to a Hospital or medical facility is Medically Necessary to treat an unforeseen Sickness or Injury which is acute or life threatening and adequate Medical Treatment is not available in the immediate area, the Transportation Expense incurred will be paid for the Usual and Customary Charges for transportation to the closest Hospital or medical facility capable of providing that treatment.

    If an Insured is traveling alone and will be hospitalized for more than 7 consecutive days and Emergency Evacuation is not imminent; benefits will be paid to transport one person, chosen by the Insured, by Economy Transportation, for a single visit to and from the Insured's bedside.

    If an Insured is in the Hospital for more than 7 consecutive days and his/her dependent children who are under 18 years of age and accompanying the Insured on the Trip are left unattended, Economy Transportation will be paid to return the dependents to their home (with an attendant, if considered necessary by the Program Medical Advisor).

  2. Medical Repatriation: If the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and the Program Medical Advisor determine that it is Medically Necessary for the Insured to return to his/her primary place of residence because of an unforeseen Sickness or Injury which is acute or life-threatening, the Transportation Expense incurred will be paid for the return to the Insured's primary place of residence or to a Hospital or medical facility closest to his/her primary place of place of residence capable of providing continued treatment via one of the following methods of transportation, as approved, in writing, by the Program Medical Advisor:

    i) one-way Economy Transportation;
    ii) commercial air upgrade (to Business or First Class), based on the Insured's condition as recommended by the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and verified in writing and considered necessary by the Program Medical Advisor;
    iii) other covered land or air transportation including, but not limited to, commercial stretcher, medical escort, or the Usual and Customary Charges for air ambulance, provided such transportation has been pre-approved and arranged by the Program Medical Advisor. Transportation must be via the most direct and economical route.


    Subject to the terms and conditions of item # 2, the Insured may choose to be transported to a Hospital in a city within the United States of America other than his/her primary place of residence, but the maximum amount payable is limited to the cost of transportation to his/her primary place of residence.

  3. Return of Remains: In the event of death during a Trip, the expense incurred will be paid for minimally necessary casket or air tray, preparation and transportation of the Insured's remains to the primary place of residence in the United States of America or to the place of burial. Benefits are paid less the value of Your original unused return travel ticket.

    If benefits are payable and the Insured has other insurance that may provide benefits for this same loss, We reserve the right to recover from such other insurance. The Insured shall:

    1. notify Us of any other insurance;
    2. help Us exercise Our rights in any reasonable way that We may request, including the filing and assignment of other insurance benefits;
    3. not do anything after the loss to prejudice Our rights; and
    4. reimburse Us, to the extent of any payment We have made, for benefits received from such other insurance.

    Dispatch of a Physician: If the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and the Program Medical Advisor cannot adequately assess the Insured's need for Medical Evacuation or Transportation, and a Physician is dispatched by the Program Medical Advisor to make such assessment, benefits will be paid for the travel expenses incurred and medical services provided by the dispatched Physician.

    One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network - A network of assistance coordination centers providing 24 hour multi-lingual emergency telephone service to insured travelers worldwide to give assistance and advice in the event of medical or legal emergency. Please see Pages 15 and 16 for complete details about these services.


The Insured is eligible for benefits, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount, when the Insured sustain an Injury while a passenger (not as a pilot, operator or member of the crew) riding in, boarding or alighting from a public conveyance provided by a Common Carrier that results in any of the following losses within 181 days of the date of the Injury causing the Loss.

Benefits will be paid as follows:

Life 100%
Both Hands; Both Feet or Sight of Both Eyes 100%
One Hand and One Foot 100%
One Hand and Sight of One Eye 100%
One Foot and Sight of One Eye 100%
One Hand; One Foot or Sight of One Eye 50%

Loss of eye or eyes means the total and irrecoverable loss of the entire sight thereof.

Only one of the amounts shown above (the largest applicable) will be paid for Injuries resulting from one accident.

The benefit for loss of:
(a) two limbs;
(b) both eyes; or
(c) one limb and one eye is payable only when such loss results from the same accident.


Benefits for all risks or permanent loss, theft or damage of Baggage and Personal Effects (including travel documents) subject to the exclusions and limitations of the policy form.

The lesser of the following amounts will be paid:
1) the Actual Cash Value (current replacement cost without deduction for depreciation) at the time of loss, theft or damage;
2) the cost to repair or replace the article with material of a like kind and quality; or 3) $300 per article.

A combined maximum of $600 will be paid for jewelry, watches, articles consisting in whole or in part of silver, gold or platinum, articles trimmed with fur, cameras and their accessories and related equipment. A maximum of $100 will be paid for the cost of replacing a passport or visa or for the cost associated with the unauthorized use of lost or stolen credit cards, subject to verification that the Insured has complied with all conditions of the credit card company.

Baggage and Personal Effects does not include:
1) animals;
2) automobiles and automobile equipment;
3) boats or other vehicles or conveyances;
4) trailers;
5) motors;
6) aircraft;
7) bicycles, except when checked as baggage with a Common Carrier;
8) household effects and furnishings;
9) antiques and collectors items;
10) sunglasses, contact lenses, artificial teeth, dental bridges or hearing aids;
11) artificial limbs or other prosthetic devices;
12) prescribed medications;
13) keys, money, credit cards (except as coverage is otherwise specifically provided herein);
14) securities, stamps, tickets and documents (except as coverage is otherwise specifically provided herein);
15) professional or occupational equipment or property, whether or not electronic business equipment;
16) sporting equipment if the loss results from the use thereof; or
17) telephones or PDA devices, computer hardware or software.

Benefits are not payable for any loss caused by or resulting from:
a) breakage of brittle or fragile articles;
b) wear and tear or gradual deterioration;
c) confiscation or appropriation by order of any government or custom's rule;
d) theft or pilferage while left in any unlocked vehicle;
e) property illegally acquired, kept, stored or transported;
f) the Insured's negligent acts or omissions;
g) property shipped as freight or shipped prior to the Scheduled Departure Date; or
h) electrical current, including electric arcing that damages or destroys electrical devices or appliances.


We will reimburse You, up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, for the cost of reasonable additional clothing and personal articles purchased by You, if Your Baggage is delayed for 12 hours or more during Your Trip.

We will also reimburse You up to $50 for expenses incurred during Your Trip to expedite the return of Your delayed Baggage. This coverage terminates upon Your arrival at the return destination of Your Trip.


  1. Reasonable and necessary medical and surgical expenses incurred for a covered injury or illness that begins during a Trip. Covered services include:

    Physician Expenses
    Professional Nursing
    Ambulance Services
    Prescription Medications

    Hospital & Nursing Home Charges
    Laboratory & X-Ray Charges
    Prosthetic Devices

  2. Expenses incurred during the Trip for emergency dental treatment due to Injury not to exceed $750.
  3. Reasonable and necessary medical services required for evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility if adequate medical treatment (as determined by the Insured's Doctor or the Program Medical Advisors) is not locally available.
  4. Reasonable and necessary escort expenses if the Insured is disabled during a Trip and an escort is recommended (as determined by the Insured's Doctor and approved by the Program Medical Advisors).
  5. Economy Transportation expenses from a facility to which the Insured was previously evacuated, to the Insured's original return destination, less refunds from the Insured's unused transportation tickets. Economy Transportation will be economy or first class if the original tickets were first class.
  6. Economy Transportation expenses (not to exceed one-way economy class economy Transportation) and escort expenses to return an Insured, 18 years or younger, to his/her place of residence in the United States, when left unattended due to the death or hospitalization of 7 days or more of an accompanying adult(s).
  7. Economy Transportation expenses (not to exceed economy class economy Transportation) for a person chosen by the Insured, to the place of hospitalization of the Insured, in the event the Insured is traveling alone and is hospitalized for more than 7 days.
  8. Reasonable and necessary expenses for the preparation and transportation of the Insured's remains to his/her place or residence in the United States, or up to an equivalent amount for a local burial in the country where death occurred if the Insured dies while on a covered Trip.

One Call 24-Hour Medical & legal Assistance Services

Medical Assistance

Our multi-lingual professionals are available 24 hours a day to provide help, advice and referrals for medical emergencies. We will help the Insured locate local physicians, dentists, or medical facilities.

Medical Consultation and Monitoring

If the Insured is hospitalized, we will contact his/her treating physician to monitor his/her condition to assure the Insured is receiving appropriate care and assess the need for further assistance. We will also contact his/her personal physician and family at home when necessary or requested to keep them informed of the Insured's situation.

Medical Evacuation

When medically necessary, we will arrange and pay for appropriate transportation, including an escort, if required, to a suitable hospital, treatment facility or home. Payment for Medical Evacuation is available only for covered claims and up to the amount of coverage provided in the policy.

Emergency Medical Payments

We will assist the Insured in the advancement of funds or guarantee payments (up the policy limits) to a hospital or other medical provider, if required, to secure his/her admission, treatment or discharge.

Prescription Assistance

We will assist the Insured with replacing medications that are lost, stolen or spoiled during his/her Trip, either locally or by special courier.

Repatriation of Remains

In the event of death while on a Trip, we will arrange for the preparation and transportation required to return the Insured's remains to his/her Home.

24 Hour Legal Assistance

If, while on the Trip, the Insured encounters legal problems we will help the Insured find a local legal advisor. If the Insured is required to post bail or provide immediate payment of legal fees, we will assist the Insured in arranging a funds transfer from family or friends.

One Call Travel Solutions

Message Services

We will transmit emergency messages to family, friends or business associates and let the Insured know that the message has been received.

Language Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services in major languages and will refer the Insured to appropriate local services, if needed.

Emergency Cash Transfer

We will help arrange an emergency cash transfer (wire transfer, travelers checks, etc.) of the Insured's funds from home, from friends or family in medical or travel emergency situations where additional funds are required.

Pre-Trip Travel Services

We provide 24-Hour information, help and advice for planned Trips such as: passport and visa information, requirements and replacement; travel health information or advisories; vaccine recommendations and requirements; government agency contact information (i.e. embassies, consulates, and other departments or agencies); weather and currency information.

Nurse Helpline

Registered nurses are available 24-Hours a day before and during the Insured's Trip to provide general health information, clinical assessment, and health counseling to give the Insured assistance in making appropriate healthcare decisions.

Travel Document and Ticket Replacement

When important travel documents (such as passports and visas) are lost or stolen, we will help the Insured secure replacements. We will also help the Insured when airline or other travel tickets are lost or stolen. We will assist the Insured with reporting his/her loss, reissuing tickets and obtaining the money required for this purpose (the Insured is responsible for providing the funds).

Concierge Services

  • restaurant, shopping, hotel recommendations/reservations
  • ocal transport (rental car/limousine, etc.) information and reservations
  • sporting, theatre, night life and event information (sports scores, stock quotes, gift suggestions etc.), recommendations and ticketing
  • golf course information, referrals, recommendations and tee times
  • tracking and assisting with the return of lost or delayed baggage


About the Global Xpi Medical Record Service

Global Xpi, is a web-based health information service, that allows the Insured to easily store, access and update his/her registered medical information. Global Xpi stores the information in a secure environment. To protect the Insured's privacy and confidentiality, the registered medical information can only be accessed with the Insured's consent. Once the Insured has registered his/her information with Global Xpi, a summary of the stored data and a Global Xpi Card will be issued that allows the Insured to share the registered information with a treating physician, pharmacist or health care provider.

How Global Xpi works

With purchase of the Travel Protection Plan, the Insured is automatically eligible to enroll at no cost with Global Xpi. This service will remain available to the Insured for one year from the date of registration.

Once registered, subscribers receive a unique password to access their records, update their information and print their Global Xpi Cards. With the subscriber's permission, health care providers can quickly access and view the registered medical information. Access to this vital information may help the provider to evaluate the subscriber's condition, course of treatment or to ensure against dangerous drug interactions or allergies.


We will not pay a benefit for a loss which is caused by or resulting from:

  1. suicide, attempted suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane;
  2. an act of declared or undeclared war;
  3. participating in maneuvers or training exercises of an armed service, except while participating in weekend or summer training for the reserve forces of the United States, including the National Guard;
  4. riding, driving or participating in races, or speed or endurance contests;
  5. mountaineering (engaging in the sport of scaling mountains generally requiring the use of picks, ropes, or other special equipment);
  6. participating as a member of a team in an organized sporting competition or participating as a professional in a stunt, athletic or sporting event or competition;
  7. participating in skydiving or parachuting except parasailing, hang gliding, bungee cord jumping, extreme skiing, skiing outside marked trails or heli-skiing, or scuba diving if the depth exceeds 120 feet (40 meters) or if the Insured is not certified to dive and a dive master is not present during the dive;
  8. piloting or learning to pilot or acting as a member of the crew of any aircraft;
  9. being Intoxicated, as specifically defined in the policy, or under the influence of any controlled substance unless administered on the advice of a Legally Qualified Physician;
  10. the commission of or attempt to commit a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation;
  11. normal childbirth or pregnancy (except Complications of Pregnancy) or voluntarily induced abortion;
  12. dental treatment (except as coverage is otherwise specifically provided herein);
  13. due to a Pre-Existing Condition, as defined in the Plan. The Pre-Existing Condition Limitation does not apply to the Emergency Medical Evacuation or Return of Remains coverage;
  14. any amount paid or payable under any Worker's Compensation, Disability Benefit or similar law;
  15. a loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation or destruction by customs;
  16. Elective Treatment and Procedures;
  17. medical treatment during or arising from a Trip undertaken for the purpose or intent of securing medical treatment;
  18. a mental or nervous condition, unless hospitalized for that condition while the Plan is in effect;
  19. a loss that results from an illness, disease or other condition, event or circumstance which occurs at a time when the Plan is not in effect for an Insured.
  20. Bankruptcy or Default or failure to supply services by a supplier of travel services.

Waiver of the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion

The exclusion for Pre-Existing Condition will be waived provided:

  1. Payment or Deposit for this Plan is received within 3 days of the date the initial Payment or Deposit is received; and
  2. the Insured is not disabled from travel at the time plan payment is paid.


Actual Cash Value means current replacement cost for items of like kind and quality.

Additional Transportation Cost means the actual cost incurred for one-way Economy Transportation by a Common Carrier reduced by the value of an unused travel ticket.

Baggage and Personal Effects means luggage, personal possessions and travel documents taken by an Insured on the Trip.

Business Partner means an individual who (a) is involved in a legal general partnership with the Insured and or (b) is actively involved in the day to day management of the Insured's business.

Caregiver means an individual employed for the purpose of providing assistance with activities of daily living to an Insured or to a Family Member who has a physical or mental impairment. The Caregiver must be employed by the Insured or Family Member. A Caregiver is not a babysitter; childcare service, facility or provider; or persons employed by any service, provider or facility to supply assisted living or skilled nursing personnel.

Child Caregiver means an individual providing basic childcare service needs for an Insured's minor children under the age of 18 while an Insured is on the Trip without the minor children. The arrangement of being the Child Caregiver while on the Trip must be made 30 or more days prior to the Scheduled Departure Date.

Common Carrier means any land, sea, and/or air conveyance operating under a valid license for the transportation of passengers for hire, not including taxicabs or rented, leased or privately owned motor vehicles.

Complications of Pregnancy means conditions (when the pregnancy is not terminated) whose diagnoses are distinct from pregnancy but are adversely affected by pregnancy or are caused by pregnancy. These conditions include acute nephritis, nephrosis, cardiac decompensation, missed abortion and similar medical and surgical conditions of comparable severity. Complications of Pregnancy also include non-elective cesarean section, ectopic pregnancy which is terminated and spontaneous termination of pregnancy, which occurs during a period of gestation in which a viable birth is not possible.

Domestic Partner means an opposite or same sex partner who, for at least 6 consecutive months, has resided with You and shared financial assets/obligations with You. Both You and the Domestic Partner must: (1) intend to be life partners; (2) be at least the age of consent in the state in which You both reside; and (3) be mentally competent to contract. Neither You nor the Domestic Partner can be related by blood to a degree of closeness that would prohibit a legal marriage, be married to anyone else, or have any other Domestic Partner. We may require proof of the Domestic Partner relationship in the form of a signed and completed affidavit of domestic partnership.

Economy Transportation means the lowest published available transportation rate for a ticket on a Common Carrier matching the original class of transportation that the Insured purchased for the Trip.

Elective Treatment and Procedures means any medical treatment or surgical procedure that is not medically necessary, including any service, treatment, or supplies that are deemed by the federal, or a state or local government authority, or by Us to be research or experimental or that is not recognized as a generally accepted medical practice.

Family Member means any of the following: An Insured or a Traveling Companion's legal spouse (or common-law spouse where legal), legal guardian or ward, son or daughter (adopted, foster, step or in-law), brother or sister (includes step or in-law), parent (includes step or in-law), grandparent (includes in-law), grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, Domestic Partner, Caregiver, or Child Caregiver.

Hospital means (a) a place which is licensed or recognized as a general hospital by the proper authority of the state in which it is located; (b) a place operated for the care and treatment of resident inpatients with a registered graduate nurse (RN) always on duty and with a laboratory and X-ray facility; (c) a place recognized as a general hospital by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals. Not included is a hospital or institution licensed or used principally; (1) for the treatment or care of drug addicts or alcoholics; or (2) as a clinic continued or extended care facility, skilled nursing facility, convalescent home, rest home, nursing home or home for the aged.

Inclement Weather means any weather condition that delays the scheduled arrival or departure of a Common Carrier.

Injury or Injuries means bodily harm caused by an Accident which: (1) occurs while Your coverage is in effect under the Plan; and (2) requires examination and treatment by a Legally Qualified Physician. The Injury must be the direct cause of loss and must be independent of all other causes and must not be caused by, or result from, Sickness.

Insured means a person(s) who is booked to travel on a Trip, completes the enrollment form and for whom the required plan payment is paid, also referred to as You and Your.

Intoxicated means a blood alcohol level that equals or exceeds the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in the state or jurisdiction where the Insured is located at the time of an incident.

Legally Qualified Physician means a physician (a) other than the Insured, a Traveling Companion or a Family Member; (b) practicing within the scope of his/her license; and (c) recognized as a physician in the place where the services are rendered.

Maximum Benefit Amount means the maximum amount payable for coverage provided to an Insured as shown in the Schedule of Benefits.

Medically Necessary means a service which is appropriate and consistent with the treatment of the condition in accordance with accepted standards of community practice.

Medical Treatment means treatment advice or consultation by a Legally Qualified Physician.

Natural Disaster means a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, mudslide, tsunami, avalanche, landslide, volcanic eruption, fire, wildfire or blizzard that is due to natural causes.

Payments or Deposits means the cash, check, or credit card amounts, actually paid for Your Trip. Certificates, vouchers, discounts, credits, frequent traveler or frequent flyer rewards, miles or points applied (in part or in full) towards the cost of Your Travel Arrangements are not Payments or Deposits as defined herein.

"Pre-Existing Condition" means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60 day period immediately prior to the date Your coverage is effective for which You or Your Traveling Companion, Business Partner or Family Member scheduled or booked to travel with You: (1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; or (2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.

Item #2 of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before coverage is effective under this Plan.

Prepaid means Payments or Deposits paid by You for Travel Arrangements for Your Trip prior to Your actual or Scheduled Departure Date. Payments or Deposits for shore excursions, theater, concert or event tickets or fees, or sightseeing, if such arrangements are made during Your Trip and are to be used prior to the Scheduled Return Date of Your Trip, are not considered Prepaid as defined herein.

Program Medical Advisor means One Call Worldwide Travel Services Network.

Scheduled Departure Date means the date on which the Insured is originally scheduled to leave on the Trip.

Scheduled Return Date means the date on which the Insured is originally scheduled to return to the point of origin or the original final destination.

Sickness means an illness or disease of the body which: 1) requires examination and treatment by a Legally Qualified Physician; and 2) commences while Your coverage is in effect.

Strike means any organized and legally sanctioned labor disagreement resulting in a stoppage of work: (a) as a result of a combined effort of workers which was unannounced and unpublished at the time travel services were purchased; and (b) which interferes with the normal departure and arrival of a Common Carrier.

Terrorist Incident means an act of violence, that is deemed terrorism by the United States Government other than civil disorder or riot (that is not an act of war, declared or undeclared) that results in loss of life or major damage to property, by any person acting alone or in association with other persons on behalf of or in connection with any organization of foreign government which is generally recognized as having the intent to overthrow or influence the control of any other foreign government. The Terrorist Incident must be documented in a Travel Advisory or Travel Warning issued by the United States' Department of State advising Americans to avoid that certain country.

Third Party means a person or entity other than the Insured or the Company.

Transportation Expense means: (a) the cost of conveyance of the Insured and any medical personnel (if Medically Necessary); and (b) Medically Necessary services or supplies.

Travel Advisory or Travel Warning means a U.S. State Department communication advising caution in traveling to specified destinations due to reasons such as armed violence, civil or political unrest, high incidence of crime (specifically kidnapping and/or murder), natural disaster or outbreak of one or more contagious diseases.

Travel Arrangements means:(a) transportation; (b) accommodations; and (c) other specified services arranged by the Travel Supplier for the Trip.

Travel Supplier means LookUpFare.

Traveling Companion means a person or persons with whom a covered person has coordinated travel arrangements and intends to travel with during the trip.

Trip means a scheduled trip for which coverage for Travel Arrangements is requested and the premium is paid prior to Your actual or Scheduled Departure Date of Your Trip.

Usual and Customary Charges means those comparable charges for similar treatment, services and supplies in the geographic area where treatment is performed.


Trip Mate, through tour operators, cruise lines, and other travel suppliers offers a wide variety of Travel Protection Plans, each designed to provide the best package of benefits and services suited to the needs of the specific travel supplier and its clientele.

The concept is simple provide very broad protection at affordable and competitive rates tailored to the specific travel programs offered.

Our partners rely on our extensive knowledge base, technical expertise and dedicated client service team to deliver our benefits and services in a manner which will enhance both sales and product satisfaction, while significantly improving bottom-line performance as well.

The value of Travel Protection is best established at time of need. From purchase until travel has concluded, and after, Trip Mate offers an array of services that demonstrate our concern for the traveler's well-being, such as:

24/7 Customer Service

Travelers are able to contact us at all times in order to report new claims or check the status of existing claims. Average telephone hold times are less than one minute. Our representatives are always respectful of the customer's needs and concerns, and will employ the highest ethical standards in the handling of each situation.

First Call Customer Care

First Call Customer Care is an initiative to provide personal telephone contact to claimants at any time there is a problem or issue with their claim. We call the customer to discuss our concerns with him or her personally; both to inform the customer of the situation and to give him or her the opportunity to provide us with any additional information that may help us resolve the problem. First Call Customer Care because we care!

24-Hour Worldwide Assistance Services

All of the Travel Protection Plans administered by Trip Mate include this important feature. Services include:

Information before travel:
  • Visa and passport requirements
  • Immunization requirements, currency rates and weather conditions
While traveling, assistance with:
  • Arrangements for emergency medical evacuation
  • Referrals to local physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers
  • Monitoring patient condition and contacting the Insured's personal physician
  • Multilingual interpretation services
  • Advance or guarantee of medical payments
  • Urgent messages to family, friends, and business
  • Arrangements for escort/return home for minors
  • Arrangements for hospital bedside visit by family member or friend
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Emergency cash advances
  • Tracking lost of delayed Baggage (up to 1 year)
  • Replacing lost or stolen travel documents or tickets

Claims Reporting Online

Travelers are able to report claims online, if they choose to do so. Adding web access to our available channels of phone, fax or mail increases access to Trip Mate and provides the customer with greater flexibility in reporting his/her claim and obtaining the appropriate claim form(s).

Global Xpi Service

Many of our Travel Protection Plans include our exclusive Global Xpi Service, which allows the customer to register their important medical records online so that this vital information is available to them, or to any Physician chosen by them, anytime, anywhere in the world, quickly, wherever internet or telephone access is available. This is a free service to assist the passenger in time of medical need.