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Unique affiliate program

Our first year trading has been such a success that we decided to share it with you. Lookupfare has instituted a beautiful affiliate program that aims at rewarding our strategic partners with high commissions and unlimited earning options.

This is a token of our appreciation for diverting quality traffic to our site. Affiliates need to sign up with us and promote our offerings through their sites. In return for the visibility, credibility and bookings that would be expectedly received, we will shell out performance bonuses, incentives, vanity coupons, customized creative deals for programs and much more.

Participation in seasonal promotions provide affiliates with the opportunity to multiply their earnings. Our professional and dedicated troubleshooting team has been assimilated for a sole aim: to provide you with round the clock assistance for managing & supporting your individual affiliate program.

Our flight and hotel reservation commissions are pro-rata. As an affiliate, you stand a chance to earn $10 or more commission for flight bookings worth $500 and $17 or more commission for hotel reservations worth $101-$250. Lookupfare aspires to forge strategic partnerships with affiliates located in USA and Canada.

Affiliates will be provided with customized banners and text links to facilitate optimal brand promotion through their sites. Tailored Coupons and promotional codes will be created for direct publishing, magnetizing a higher number of bookings and winning greater customer loyalty.

We religiously follow the principle - "satisfaction breeds satisfaction". So, it goes without saying that the more you recommend and promote our offers to your family, friends and followers, the more you will receive back.

Reach us at [email protected] with more queries and concerns. We will be more than happy to get the conversation going!