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Please Read these Terms & Condition Carefully

It is your sole responsibility to provide all correct details to us (including contact, passenger and billing information).

Passenger's should be provided exactly as they appear on state issued photo ID in case the travel is within USA and as per passport in case the travel is outside USA.

Once the reservation is confirmed the names on ticket cannot be changed as per airline policies, name correction of up to 3 letters may be allowed by certain airlines however there may be an additional fee applied.

Incorrect names on the ticket may lead to passengers being denied from boarding the flight.

Accurate contact information is required to be entered to make sure that we are able to reach you whenever required (Be it a schedule change in the flight, any issues with payment or even to send you the confirmation email)

If any details entered on the website or over the phone is found to be incorrect post the reservation is confirmed leads to booking being canceled/fare hike/denied boarding will be your sole responsibility.

In order to verify the authenticity of the payment we may have to perform a credit card verification for which our dedicate team will contact the issuing bank or credit card company

In case of a third party payment we may have to speak with the card holder on the billing phone number.

In case the card which is being used for payment is issued outside USA we may require you to send us the copy of credit card along with government issued ID of card holder.

Please note if our team is unable to verify the card details with the bank or card holder we will try to contact you on the registered phone number or email address, should you be unable to contact us within 24 hours will result in cancellation of booking and we would not be held responsible for any fare hike or denied boarding.

The email which is sent after your booking is confirmed is a confirmation notification.

Once the booking is confirmed and credit card verification is done our team will issue the tickets and will send an e-ticket to your registered email address.

Your booking will be considered as confirmed only when the tickets are issued.

Hence, we suggest our passengers to call our customer service on 888-509-5589 in case the e-ticket is not received within 2 hours of booking the reservation.

There are few special fares on which it may take upto 24 hours to issue the tickets as it takes longer than usual to receive confirmation from airlines if the reservation is booked with such fares.

So in case your reservation is booked with any of such fares our travel consultant would be able to advise you about it.

All prices displayed on our website includes the base fare, taxes and our service fees.

Certain carriers may charge an extra fee for the baggage, seats and other services, we suggest you to call and enquire about these charges before you book the reservation because once the reservation is confirmed we are bound to follow the terms and conditions laid out by the airlines.

All fares are subject to availability and are only guaranteed when the reservation gets ticketed.

During the booking, credit card verification or issuing process if the seats gets sold out then the fare may get higher.

You will be notified about this by our team. In such cases you have an option to either confirm the reservation with the current price or to cancel the reservation with no charge.

There are certain discounted fares/ special fares which are only valid for same day, in case due to any reason the reservation does not get ticketed the same day the fare may expired.

As mentioned above in case the fare gets expired you will have an option to either confirm the reservation at current price or cancel the reservation with no charge.

we accept all the major debit, credit, prepaid and gift cards for payment.

In order to issue the tickets we need to charge the payment at the same time as we cannot hold the seats without issuing the tickets as per the airline's policies.

The total payment may appear on your statement in multiple transactions (base fare, taxes and service fee separately)

If the credit card provided for the payment gets declined, our team will try to get in touch with you via phone or email on the contact information listed with us.

In case we are unable to get any response within 24 hours of making the booking your reservation will be marked as cancelled and we will not be held responsible for any fare hike or denied boarding.

All prices displayed on our website or quoted over the phone includes a minimal amount of service fee.

This service fees depends upon the amount of ticket and the travel date.

By agreeing to book with us you agree to pay the service fee included in the total price.

All tickets booked with us are Non-refundable and Non changeable unless booked outside 7 days or more prior to departure and also if the booking is Cancelled/Changed within 24 hours of making the reservation.

Post 24 hours all reservations will be cancelled/changed as per airline terms and conditions.

In case of any medical emergencies or bereavement of immediate family members exceptions can be made as per airlines discretions.

By agreeing to book with us online or over the phone you agree to all the terms and conditions of LookUpFare.

In the event of online booking we expect that you have gone through all the flights and prices carefully and similarly in the event of booking made over the phone we send an authorization email before confirming the reservation and we expect that you have gone through all the details before agreeing to book the reservation and you would not apply for any chargeback due to any reason whatsoever.

In case you have any complaints or queries we expect you to contact our customer service to discuss because any chargeback would be considered as a chargeback fraud.

Flight schedules are decided by the airline and ATC.

Airlines reserves the right to change the flight schedule due to any operational or weather issues which will be informed to you by us or by the airline on the listed contact information prior to your departure date.

In case of a major schedule change you may be given an option by the airline for an alternate flight or a refund however in case of a minor schedule change you may only be given an alternate flight as an option.

You'll be informed about the options via phone or email, we would not be able to confirm the new options for you till the time we do not receive a consent from you.