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Last updated on Monday 07/15/2024 at 05:00 AM, the fares mentioned below are for Round Trip flight tickets and inclusive of fuel surcharges, service fee and taxes. Based on historical data, these fares are subject to change without prior notice and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. Kindly go through our terms and conditions before booking.

20 Jul 2024 - 23 Jul 2024
22 Jul 2024 - 31 Jul 2024
22 Jul 2024 - 23 Jul 2024
FLLFort Lauderdale
20 Jul 2024 - 23 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024 - 30 Jul 2024
NYCNew York
SLCSalt Lake City
19 Jul 2024 - 20 Jul 2024
SLCSalt Lake City
18 Jul 2024 - 02 Aug 2024
SFOSan Francisco
18 Jul 2024 - 23 Jul 2024
MKCKansas City
*All fares are quoted in USD.

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Looking for some urgent and fascinating last minute flight deals? welcomes you in your venture. You are at the exact time and place you need to be to find all the answers to your mind boggling worries about the trip that has just come up on your mind out of nowhere.

We are here to deliver you through your sleepless nights and help you to find travel deals and offers that shall assure you a hassle free trip even if it is the last minute planning and booking approach that you have finally embraced.

Travelling has been an instrument of soul searching for man and women through ages and continues to be so even in the times as fast and speedy as the new era we are all living in. Every one of us looks out of the window from our safe and cozy home and wonder how it would feel like to travel to our dream destinations around the globe. But then our phones have rung or the deadlines have started glaring back at us when we resumed our daily chores, shoving all the thoughts of travelling to the farthest corners of our mind. These rusty ideas do come out as the sighs you let out when you are sitting alone at your office desk, sipping your cup of coffee.

We know you are not to be blamed for this. We know how much you wish to travel and the only reason you can’t is your job that binds you to your desk throughout the weekdays and you are tired enough to bask in the holiday mood for the weekend in the fear of ever depressing Monday’s arrival at the end of a weekend getaway. We understand the inner traveler in you that is waiting for one moment to be set free and allowed to embrace the world through the eyes of a traveler.

And our understanding of your rusty dreams and desires to travel has made us prepared for all kind of travel itineraries for you. We are the exact place to be called “one stop solution” for all your travel queries, be it to the ever exotic International destinations or be it wonderful and classic Domestic destinations, we have something for all the little travel plans that keep on peeking through your mind.

People who travel or have gone on a few trips with their family and friends, one little secret about availing budget friendly deals and offers for flight, bus or train bookings and even for hotel booking – booking in advance. That has always been the mantra of the efficient and successful travelers who have trotted all over the globe to visit all kind of classical and not-so classical destinations. As far as the travel diaries go, trips are always best implemented and executed if the planning is done well in advance which helps one to find the best travel deals, as flight prices rise higher and higher exponentially as one moves closer to the travel date.

But then again we have another lot of travelers who are known for their wonderful philosophies and experiences and have travelled to the most distant and interior destinations on the globe without any prior travel plan. They are what we address as impulsive travelers. Some of them woke up one morning and realized they wanted to run away from the humdrum life and thus, they packed their bags and went off for a trip.

But maybe you don’t fall in either of these categories of travelers. You have been working your days in your office in and out and suddenly out of the blue, your boss appreciates you for your work and asks you to have a weeklong vacation as an award for the commendable performance you have put forward for a long time. You are excited. Finally you can tick off some of your bucket list destinations and travel to the destinations you had been dreaming of.

As the excitement cools down, you begin to realize what a mess you are in. You do want to travel, but there hadn’t been any hike in your salary. So how will you pay for the sky rocketing prices for last minute airline tickets? How will you ensure that the trip itinerary fits your budget and the time frame you had been given as a vacation? Fret not, we are here to your rescue. The amazing offers, deals and discount that we have assorted for your last minute travel will brush away all your travel worries and you can breathe out in relief and relax.

Hassle Free Last Minute Flight Deals

We have a hassle free and smooth instant booking procedure, a perfect portal for flight booking especially when you are up for last minute travel diaries. In the travel world, the airline companies are constantly striving to achieve success not only in the form of monetary profit but also to rise in the good books of a traveler, their priced customers. A satisfied and contented traveler is an investment for the airline companies for chances that the traveler will choose the same airline services for future trips and travels. To keep the customers transfixed and glued to their airline company, the airlines have taken the approach of offering business class travel deals, sale on airline ticket fares, travel deals meant especially for the economy class travelers. A recent discount phenomenon has taken the form of last minute travel deals, to address all the worries of an impulsive or more specifically termed, impromptu traveler.

But how do you, as a traveler keep a track of these exciting discount and airfare sale offers? Signing up on our mailing list will ensure that you get the information and news of the best deals before anybody else comes to know about it. You have ended up planning a last minute trip to your dream destination and bumped into us on your search path. Our featured deals for last minute flight booking will help you find your very own price fare suitable for your pocket and for your desirable destination.

Henry David Thoreau, an American poet quotes the dilemma of a traveler who is bound to his family or group of friends and cannot leave them alone as “The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” For people who love to be accompanied by their loved ones but couldn’t come up with single schedule that was free for all of them and for the people who had their family waiting for them to go on a trip as soon as they got holiday, we have some amazing listing on the Special deals section. To make your last minute family holiday or vacation an experience as comfortable and hassle free as an advanced booked holiday, we have last minute deals along with the family travel offers, group travel offers, holiday travel offers, which would take care of your weekend getaway or a summer or winter holiday trip.

May be your story is not that relaxing and you are not going to a prime tourist destination as a soul seeking traveler. May be you have been chosen by your boss to be the one who represents the company to an International client or maybe you have been finally called for attending a business conference overseas where you have to present current project and progress of your company along with company policies. But the company finance section has given you a limit which you can opt as a travel allowance. Looking through the flight booking details has got you all worried because the flight prices have sky rocketed in few hours and is constantly rising. Our 24/7 customer care is there to deliver you through your plight.

We understand that the business trip would require business class travel and yet the travel charges have to be within the ranges allowed by your company’s finance section. The last minute deals includes not just the last minute flight deals but also business class travel deals, available on under the special deals section on the our website. Our website and customer care counter diligently follows the principle of our company that is to provide transparency in every booking procedure and to provide the customer with an experience of their lifetime which fits their special needs such as last minute travel deals, cheap and affordable flight and hotel bookings. We understand how the requirements of a business travelling solo and for work will differ from a person who is traveling with his family for a holiday on a shoestring budget. To cater all the personalized needs and to offer a stress free booking and travel for the customers individually, we have carefully drafted a wide range of offers and discounts that would turn out to be best deals in the market under the category of last minute flight deals. is your one halt solution and diligent promise to ensure a prime experience through the last minute flight deals.

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