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A Real Russian Hero

Uncovering Volgograd

A city that has risen through dark times and nestles enormous history in its being, Volgograd is truly worth exploring. Perched on the banks of the Volga River, the city may earn the admiration of history buffs in an instant but it doesn’t disappoint on other grounds either. The city has been growing from the vestiges of the war and has gone on to become a vibrant tourist place. Vast expanse of greenery speckled throughout the cityscape is perfect for you to take a step closer to nature. You can also go for grand meals at the restaurants that bring boundless happiness in the form of delish Russian cuisines and wind up the trip to this city on a high note. So, make no delay and board a cheap flight to Volgograd soon.    

Know More about Volgograd

The city has etched a remarkable position for itself in the course of the World War II. The city’s resilience has earned it the title of the “Hero City” as it bravely combatted the German forces in the Battle of Stalingrad. Successful in making the German Army retreat, the city endured heaps of wounds in the whole process. And, this is well reflected in the prominent war attractions lining the city. One will never get enough of exploring the details of how the war panned out and what role the city played in surviving the wrath of it. There are museums and galleries in abundance to essay it all.

The city founded in 1589 is culturally quite affluent. The locals celebrate and hold high their deep rooted beliefs in the Russian culture. The many festivals are a living proof of it. The city has currently settled with the name of Volgograd but it has changed a few times since its birth. The city leaves a lasting impression on visitors with not just its intriguing war history but also for being an aesthetically pleasing city. Hop-on a last minute flight to Volgograd and let it serenade you with some heroic songs.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Mamayev Kurgan - When the city displayed such valor in turning the events of World War II in its favor, it must not have come easy. A lot of soldiers sacrificed their lives to chase away the German army. And the city has done its dutiful bit to pay respect to them by building a mammoth of a memorial complex. This memorial bows to the bravery of the soldiers in the Battle of Stalingrad. The war that changed the history of Russia will never go unnoticed because marking it is the statue of “The Motherland Calls.” Touted as one of the tallest statues in the world, you will be in awe of its gigantic character that manifests the power of Russia in full glory.

The Central Station - No one does railway stations better than Russia. Volgograd’s Central station is a testament to it. Evoking wonderment at first glance, the railway station was conferred with the title of an architectural landmark of the region in 1997. And, you will know why once you lay your eyes on it. Spectacular from the outside, the inside of the station is equally enigmatic. It looks more like a museum adorned with awe inspiring paintings than a railway station. And, probably for the first time in life, you wouldn’t mind missing the train because the station is gorgeous in every corner. A lot of good hotels are just a walk away from the Central Station. So, make hotel bookings in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Lake Elton - History of Volgograd may keep you glued but nature has its own way of winning hearts. After learning so much about the dreaded World War II in detail, you need some time to break away from those heart wrenching stories. And, there’s nothing better than the heavenly Lake Elton for you to do so. People cannot help drawing its parallel to the largest salt lake in Europe— the Volga steppe. The lake has some pleasing powers that revive tired souls with its unscathed beauty, and the serene environment skirting it doubles the pleasure. So, without a fail, rent a car and steer your wheels to Lake Elton if you want to embrace nature.


Getting Around in the City

  • Bus
  • Trolley Bus
  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Cab

Other popular Cities to Visit

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Gorodishche
  • Krasnoslobodsk
  • Volzhskiy
  • Krasnooktyabrskiy

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Not much is spoken about the city’s shopping scene because Volgograd’s history gobbles down all the attention. But, let that not fool you in to believing that the city lacks even a bit in the shopping department. As you embark on your exploration in Volgograd, you’d be surprised to find out that a whole lot of shopping malls and street markets are going to satiate your shopping desires. Need more reasons to book airplane tickets to Volgograd?    

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