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The City on the Rise

Uncovering Skopje

Sitting right in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, Skopje, is the capital of Republic of Macedonia. Evidently, Skopje is one of the most underrated capital cities in the world. And, this very thing works to the benefit of those travelers who wish to explore a city at length without the pressing crowds. The city has had a long standing history where it was under the reign of many kingdoms. Therefore, at present, Skopje is in the process of finding its identity. It’s putting all the right amount of effort to revitalize and reinvent itself. And, the first step towards it has been the construction and reconstruction of many buildings in the Neo-classical style. All this has raised concern about the fabrication of history and being unfair to the essence of the city’s existence. However, the moment you peel off the veneer, you will find the city holding on to its history firmly. Many historical sites are still the first go-to places for tourists coming to this capital city. So, book a cheap flight to Skopje and get to know the city from up close. 

Know more about Skopje

With the Vardar River flowing along the city, Skopje has its fair share of natural beauty. Though the city has suffered innumerous tragic incidents in the past right from political atrocities to environmental adversity, Skopje has bounced back to redeem itself from all that chaos. Sauntering through the city on the bridges and witnessing the happy faces of the locals fills you up with joy. And, one thing that gets to the notice of travelers is how crossing one street to another takes you from the quaint western vibe to the bustling eastern atmosphere. For instance, if you were to take a stroll from the main city square to the old bazaar you feel like going from Paris to the Middle- East in just about no time. That’s how the city is, a fine blend of the west and the east. So, hop on a flight to Skopje and treat yourself to sheer wonder.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Kale Fortress - Sitting prettily on the highest point there is in the city, Kale Fortress overlooks the magnificent Vardar River. The fortress is claimed to have been built around the 6th century and till today remains the dominant structure in the city. The fortress was partially disfigured in the earthquake of 1963, but it was restored to its former glory quickly. Head to the fortress and stand witness to grand architecture as well as treat your eyes to the astonishing views of the city from up there. Book a hotel near Kale Fortress to wake up to the view of this spectacular looking fort.

Matka Canyon - Rent a car and drive straight to the Matka Canyon which is hardly 30 minutes from the city. This canyon carved by River Treska is where you find nature at its best. The manmade Matka Lake is stunning to say the least. Apart from that, the endemic plants that call this place home add up to the beauty. You can hike, kayak or simply explore the caves to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The medieval monastery and man-made lakes lend this canyon an intriguing and mystifying character.  

Murat Pasha Mosque - Located in the heart of the Old Bazaar, Murat Pasha Mosque is a place of reverence for the followers of Islam. One of the remains from the Ottoman era still dotting the city, the mosque is brilliant in its architecture. The original mosque was constructed in 1492 by Mustafa Pasha, the vizier in the court of Sultan Selim I. However, the mosque was destroyed in a fire and the mosque you see today was built in 19th century. With simplicity sketched on every inch of the mosque, your heart and mind shall find peace here. The lovely rose garden gracing the mosque is where you can chit-chat with people and learn about the religious beliefs attached to this place. Book cheap flight tickets to Skopje and be a part of its culture. 

Memorial House of Mother Teresa - Individuals who do great selfless work for the good of mankind need to be celebrated even after they are long gone. And, Mother Teresa was one such woman who has done countless good. And, those good deeds have immortalized her in the history of human race. Mother Teresa was born in Skopje in 1910 and the Memorial House of Mother Teresa was built in memory of her in the city she was born in. The first floor is where you will find relics from her life such as her certificates, rosary, sari and prayer books to name a few. The second floor has a chapel, the glass walls of which are wrought in filigree.


Getting Around in the City

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Clearly the most famed landmark in Skopje, the Old Bazaar is where you will see the best of the city. Having served as an eminent trade market in the past, the marketplace is where you can get your hands on the best of everything one can ask for. Right from handmade articles to the popular eating joints, the market has it all. Old Bazaar with its narrow cobblestone streets and Ottoman style architecture takes you back in time. Find a spot for yourself, grab a cup of tea and observe the market in all its authentic vibrant self. Hop on a last minute flight to Skopje and have a great time.