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"The Design City"- SEOUL

Uncovering Seoul 

When you are hoping for a pleasant trip to a city that has best of both worlds - Nature and Modernization - you should start looking for cheap airline tickets to Seoul without much ado. Complete your travel research and book low cost airlines and last minute flights to plunge into a terrific travel experience starting with cheap flights to Seoul.

About Seoul

How a city can break through the dark episodes of past and become an embodiment of beauty and excellence in all the possible sectors? To see the answer to this question you need to find the cheap airline tickets to Seoul and book your cheap flight tickets. Seoul is a picturesque city with beautiful crystal towers and buildings everywhere you look. You are sitting on board of your last minute flights to Seoul and you gaze down to be struck with beauty of the city. The beautiful city of Seoul was not spared from a dark past. As, Korea was included in the Japanese empire in year 1910, Seoul and rest of Korea had the most difficult and trouble brewing times during the World War II. Knowing these little historical tit-bits about the destination city you are about to visit, apart from the rigorous search for cheap flights to Seoul along with last minute flight deals, makes you a successful and holistic traveler.

More useful information about Seoul

Famous Sufi poet and philosopher, Rumi once said “What you seek is seeking you.” So, if you are looking for some more detailed and interesting facts about Seoul after you have booked your flights to Seoul, we are here to help you in your endeavor. Seoul had a difficult past but grew out from it as the city which has been recognized for its contribution to the world’s diversity, development and advancement apart from fueling the development of South Korea specifically. So make sure you read through these important and interesting facts about Seoul before you board on low cost flights to Seoul. You can thank us later!

  • Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and the largest metropolitan city of the nation.
  • Seoul has earned the title of “City of Design” by UNESCO. Once you get lucky with your flight deals to Seouland finally reach the city, you will be impressed by the planning of the city. The roads, streets and the buildings, everything is there because it was built with precision and detailing and extra care.
  • Seoul is the first city in East Asia which got lucky enough to be struck with development of technology, electricity, telephone, etc. By the 20thcentury, Seoul became the cleanest and most well-equipped city with modern tools and technology in South Korea.
  • Was it the Olympics or the World Cup that brought Seoul to your attention and you started looking for amazing flight deals to Seoul offered by low cost airlines? Seoul built itself from the scratch and became the host city of 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup.
  • According to the demographic data records of 2013, Seoul has a population of about 10.4 million and is thus acknowledged as one of the most densely populated city.
  • There is a place in Seoul which used to be the pro-democracy protest centre, when Seoul underwent a military rule around 1970s and 1980s.
  • During the Korean War, Seoul was never constantly under a particular ruling body. It was ruled by North Korea, UN, China, and South Korea.

Seoul Weather

Seoul is one of the few lucky cities in the world that is blessed with distinctly spanning four different seasons in a year - spring, summer, autumn and winter. An important step in the travel research before planning your itinerary and booking the cheap airline tickets or cheap flight tickets is to check the dominant seasons in the city as well as the weather conditions perfect for a trip to the city. The two mild and pleasant seasons of Seoul – the spring and the autumn spanning through March to May and September to November respectively are the best time to visit Seoul. So, while you book the cheap flights to Seoul or even look for flight deals to Seoul, keep the weather conditions of Seoul in mind.

Seoul Attractions // Exploring Seoul

The main objective of travel research prior to planning the whole itinerary of the trip is to make sure that you don’t miss out on the things that could make your trip a fantastic experience for you. These important and indispensable things include cheap flight tickets, last minute flight deals, holiday packages and discounts at the hotels and major attractions of the city. Before you get on your flights to Seoul and set your foot on the city you know nothing about, let us prepare you with a list of famous Seoul attractions. This would help you get started with planning your travel itinerary after you have availed your last minute flight deals to Seoul. Following are our personally recommended tourist’s attractions of Seoul which you would be amazed to explore:

  • Apart from being the UNESCO’s city of Design, Seoul houses a 15thcentury palace ‘Changdeokgung’ which is on the UNESCO heritage list. You can explore this place which has serenity all around it. There is a Secret Garden of this palace which is finally accessible to the tourists when accompanied by their local guides.
  • If you have a special corner in your heart for mystery and adventure and wish to let your curiosity run wild, do not miss the Korean Demilitarized Zone which has wonderful sites like 3rd Tunnel and Panmunjeom.
  • Another wonderful palace built by the Joseon dynasty is Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace. This place also houses a lush green landscape and Korea’s National Fold Museum.

When is the best time to book a flight to Seoul?

With spring flowers, Seoul’s beauty blooms and reaches to its optimal state of existence ready to embrace the tourists from all around the world. So if you are hoping to crack some last minute flight deals and get lucky for the trip to Seoul, you are most welcome to wait till January or February to book cheap flights to Seoul. But to help you have the most splendid travel experience ever, we would recommend you to look for flights to Seoul and book the cheap airline tickets to Seoul at least 5-6 months before the journey period which will be around August to September for a trip in February or March. Often, the Formula One Race fanatics target the autumn season for their trip to Seoul. To avoid the rush and the worries that start seeping in with no available low cost flights to Seoul or cheap airline tickets, we recommend you to book your tickets by March in order to enjoy Seoul in the autumn months.

Which Major airlines operate flights to Seoul?

Seoul, being the most modernized city of the world, is well connected with the domestic cities and towns as well as with the prime International destinations. So, if you are looking for low cost flights to Seoul from your city of origin, you will get amazing last minute flights to Seoul Incheon International airport. Airlines like Korean air, Scoot, Qantas operate cheap flights to Seoul from Sydney throughout the year. You might be able to bag some amazing last minute flight deals to Seoul from New York offered by the low cost airlines like Korean Air and British airways. Bangalore is one of the management hub and growing economic centre of Indian subcontinent. Seoul has a constant flood of visitors from Bangalore who avail the cheap flights to Seoul offered by combination of low cost airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and Thai Airways.


Getting Around in the City

You have the following options of transportations to move around Seoul:

  • City buses
  • Trains
  • Taxis
  • Rent a car
  • Rent a bicycle

Other Popular Cities to visit

  • Gwangmyeong
  • Guri
  • Goyang
  • Anyang
  • Seongnam
  • Bucheon
  • Uijeongbu
  • Namyangju
  • Gunpo

Popular Events in Seoul

Being one of the most modernized cities of the world, Seoul has a perfect balance of a dose of natural and man-made wonders. There are major events in South Korea which are celebrated with vigor and blast in Seoul. So make sure you book your cheap flight tickets offered by low cost airlines, or look for last minute flights around these events of Seoul to enjoy the trip to its ultimate. Herewith, we list out some major events of Seoul city:

  • Formula One Grand Pix racing event is organized every year in the autumn season in Seoul. A large tourist crowd from all around the world comes for this event.
  • Seoul celebrated Gautama Buddha’s birthday on 1st of April by light air lanterns and this day is called the Lotus Lantern festival in Seoul.
  • Icheon Rice cultural festival is celebrated as a harvest oriented festival in the month of October.


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