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The Underdog of Netherlands

Uncovering Rotterdam

Rotterdam is heralded as the second city in Netherlands since Amsterdam enjoys the mass popularity. And this factor has resulted in travelers giving Rotterdam a miss. Trust us, this is a travel faux pas you don’t want to commit. Because, the city has everything going for itself to give a tough competition to Amsterdam as well. The city was bombed flat during World War II but it sprung back to life with great vigor. Today, Rotterdam prides itself for being home to the excellent modern architecture. Museums are another thing that makes the personality of the city quite unique. Art, history, science and culture, you can know about it all at any of the museums dotting the city. Also, the art galleries are phenomenal. It takes only a moment for you to be in awe of the great artworks displayed at these galleries. Making things more interesting for art lovers are the mural-dominated streets. So, book a flight to Rotterdam and let the fun times roll.

Know More about Rotterdam

People in Rotterdam take their food and drinks quite seriously. And this very stance has given birth to many restaurants, cafés and bars in the city. The chefs are not just serving the usual eats but taking up the experimental path to delight the taste buds of almost everyone. Also, the great thing about eating in Rotterdam is that the ingredients are sourced locally which lend the dishes that exquisite natural color and freshness. Talking of drinks, the Dutch love their gin tonics. And Rotterdam is where you can taste about 50 different types of gin. One better than the other. Book cheap flight tickets to the city and enjoy drinking and eating like never before.

Popular Tourist Attractions


Rotterdam’s skyline is stunning to say the least. With unique high rise buildings gracing the city, you’re in for a visual treat. And one such distinctive feature piercing the sky is Euromast, which was built in 1960. Standing tall at a height of about 185 meters, it is from this very tower that you can get a 360 degree view of the city going about its day. The views are just breathtakingly gorgeous. You can grab a bite here at the restaurant or stay a night at one of the two luxury suites. But if you’re the adventurous kind, then abseil down the height of the tower. Euromast is the place that promises fun each and every way.  

Diergaarde Blijdorp

The zoo was established in 1857, however the bombing during the World War II destroyed it. Thus, a new zoo was rebuilt just at a slight distance from the original location, welcoming the public once again in 1940. The zoo is home to an extensive number of wild species which are kept in large enclosures that are made to resemble their natural habitats. The zoo has been acclaimed time and again for its relentless effort in protecting the endangered species and its successful breeding programs. The red pandas and the young elephants are the favorites of people visiting the zoo. Other than that, there are a number of other exhibits such as Chinese Garden, Asian Swamp, Congo, Crocodile River and Savanna that keep visitors entertained. The Oceanium is another noticeable feature of the zoo where you can see marine species from up close.


Kunsthal can easily be labelled as a cultural treasure of Rotterdam. We say so because this art hall museum is not like any other. It doesn’t house a permanent collection. In fact, it promotes art by putting on display temporary collections from all across the globe. This way people visiting this museum shall always find something new to see and appreciate. Right from old world art to contemporary and modern art, one can see it all. The museum is not just inspiring with its host of exhibitions but also because the building reflects an architectural prowess unlike anything you might have ever seen. So, rent a car and drive your way to Kunsthal for a day amidst art.


Exploring Delfshaven feels like walking straight into history. This place is all about reminiscing the past; some dreadful, some delightful. It is a historic harbor that today, brims with antique shops, art galleries and the famous Pilgrim Fathers’ Church. The old world charm of Delfshaven is in stark contrast with the modern vibes of Rotterdam. You can saunter through the picturesque bridges, click pictures of the colonial buildings, shop for souvenirs or simply grab a cup of hot chocolate as you admire the view of the stunning docklands. Many hotels are located around this area, so make hotel reservations near this charming neighborhood and wake up to bliss every day.


Getting Around in the City

  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Cab
  • Rental Car

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Book Flights to Rotterdam

Vacations are all about letting loose. And when you’re in Rotterdam, you’re in for a great time. The city is known for its electrifying nightlife. You can be out and about partying till the wee hours of the morning. The city doesn’t deprive people of the options even when it comes to partying. So, whatever is your mood for the night, you’ll find a spot resonating the vibes same as yours. What’s the hold up? Book a low cost flight to Rotterdam and say hello to good times.

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