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Cottonopolis - Manchester

Uncovering Manchester

Trip to England would be incomplete without visiting the city of Manchester. One of the most important cities both in England and within Britain. Manchester has recently emerged as an important tourist destination for any traveler visiting England to discover the country’s various aspects that has shaped how Britons live in the present day.

Being an important city as far as British history is concerned; a trip to Manchester would be immensely fruitful in your quest for seeing Britain in a whole new light. Now, with cheap flight tickets allowing you to board flights to Manchester, traveling has become easier within the confines of your budget.

About Manchester

Being the third most visited city in Britain, it has a very long history. It emerged as an urban city with the Romans constructing a fort named Mamucium around the 1st century AD. The settlement remained a hamlet for most of its medieval history, experiencing growth in the hundred years between the late-Elizabethan and early Restoration period of English history.

Being the epicenter of important events, such as the English Civil War and the infamous Peterloo incident of 1819, the city existed as a market town (with a charter granted to it in 1301), until its elevation to a city in 1853. The immigration of Flemish textile workers greatly contributed to the city’s economic and cultural traditions, and being one of the most prominent centers of the Industrial Revolution, it emerged as Britain’s – and the worlds – first industrialized city. With a long and eventful history that shaped the English psyche, visiting to Manchester is a must for any traveler. With cheap airline ticketsa cheap flight to Manchester is now a reality.

Places of Interest

If you still aren’t convinced taking the last minute flights to Manchester from among thousands of last minute flight deals, we provide you with a list of places of interest which attracts tourists from all over the world to this quintessentially English city:

  • Manchester Town Hall, the ceremonial headquarters of Manchester City Council, is a Victorian era, neo-Gothic structure that serves a wide number of public utilities, from hosting weddings to providing a quiet place for people away from the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Reconstructed for the public, the gates, granaries and some other buildings of the Roman fortress of Mamicium are in the Caste field area of the city, a testament to this city’s historicity.
  • If you are all about computers and information technology, then the Alan Turing Memorial offers a quiet and quaint place for you to spend your time. Surrounded with a leafy square, this place will surely make you sit back and relax.
  • The Museum of Science and Industry chronicles the scientific breakthroughs and their application within the industrial environs of Manchester, whose presence was prominent during the entirety of the Industrial Revolution. It offers a glimpse at the technologies with which Manchester had prospered economically.
  • Being at the Centre of radical working class politics in its day, Manchester boasts of a People’s History Museum, where exhibits showcase the history of the working class movement within Manchester and within the wider context of British politics.
  • And, for all the fans of Manchester United, here is the opportunity to see for yourselves the home ground of the Red Devils! Old Trafford opens up to give a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes! So, grab those last minute flights now!

Manchester Weather

Manchester experiences the weather which is pretty typical of the British Isles, changing between mild summers and winters with rainfall. Although, not experiencing any kind of snowfall during the winter due to the phenomenon of urban warming, the pleasant temperature throughout the year enables the city to have a high influx of tourists annually.

Exploring Manchester

Manchester has a lot to offer by way of its culture. Being the first industrialized city in the world, this metropolis was at the Centre of Victorian literature, housing the residence of Elizabeth Gaskell.  Other literary figures hailing from this city include the poetess Isabella Banks, Frances Hodgson Burnett and Anthony Burgess, the author of the novel A Clockwork Orange.

The music scene in Manchester has been lively, chiefly since the ‘80s, being a major Centre of Indie bands forming and performing not only in Manchester but also throughout Britain. The proliferation of Indie rock and popular music within the music environs of Manchester has made music lovers and music critics to dub the city as “Madchester”.

The city is also renowned as major Centre of classical music, housing two symphonic orchestras – The Halle and the BBC Philharmonic, respectively. Owing to the presence of institutes like the Royal Northern College of Music and Chetham’s School of Music, the music scene of Manchester is pretty vibrant and diverse.

Being the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution and the radical working class politics that followed, Manchester has a special place in the history of left-wing and socialist political outlooks; it was here that Friedrich Engels wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844.

The city also holds the distinction of being the city where Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met and collaborated on The Communist Manifesto (1848), at Chetham’s Library, the oldest public library in existence and still in use. 

The nightlife in Manchester is also very attractive and vibrant, hosting a plethora of pubs, bars and nightclubs. In fact, The Hacienda, one of the famous nightclubs in its day, helped to promote the Indie music scene in the ‘80s and enabled the “Madchester” phenomenon to take root in the city’s cultural psyche.

Supporting some 1200 or so jobs and hosting thousands of customers, chiefly on weekend nights, the nightlife of Manchester is something you should try not to miss out on if you are in the city and want to experience the diversity in Manchester’s historical, demographical and cultural heritage which it can proudly boast of, not only within the limits of Britain but also within the wider context of European culture and civilization.

The Best Time to Visit Manchester

The most appropriate time to visit Manchester is between the months of June and August, when the weather is warm and the city’s event calendar offers many ways for travelers to enjoy their time. The months between September and December also act as a good time to visit this beautiful city.

Major Airlines Operating Flights to Manchester 

Many carriers operate flights to Manchester, including Etihad Airways, Emirates, Jet Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Easy Jet and many more. Being the third most visited city in the United Kingdom, cheap airline tickets to Manchester is not a difficult thing to stumble upon, considering the fact that each airline service would want to serve passengers to Manchester at reasonable prices in order keep up the healthy competition. So, explore those flight deals to Manchester and take your pick on the low-cost airlines that available, according to your travel preferences.


Getting Around in the City

On arriving at Manchester, the following modes of transport are available:

  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Waterways (canals)

Other Popular Cities to Visit

  • Bath
  • York
  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Nottingham

Popular Events in Manchester

Being a quintessentially English city with a cosmopolitan outlook, Manchester has a host of events that are celebrated by people from all walks of life and bearing varied ethnic ancestries. The year usually kicks off with Chinese New Year Celebrations, paying tribute to the contributions of people of Chinese origins to the city’s prosperity.

The Manchester Irish Festival celebrates the distinct Irish heritage of this city, since many Irishmen imigrated to Manchester, fleeing from the Irish Potato Famine and seeking to find prosperity with the growing industrialization of the city. Today, descendants of those Irishmen take immense pride in the contributions they have had made to the city’s cultural make up. The Manchester International Festival, held once in every two years, celebrates everything that is Manchester and how the city has made its mark in the world.  

The Caribbean Carnival of Manchester is perhaps its most colorful celebration, showcasing a wide variety of dance and music, along with a large collection of food and beverages. The Manchester Pride, celebrating the lives of the members hailing from the LGBTQ community, is one of the most vibrant attractions of the city with a wide variety of cultural events and performances, providing you with a spectacle you will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through the various low cost airlines offering flights to Manchester and fly to a city whose experiences you’ll never regret!

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