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The Unnoticed

Uncovering Kotlik

Some places in the world are exceptionally different. At first, one might not find enough information about this city, but if you dig a little more Kotlik will surprise you with its simplicity and uniqueness. With not much information at hand, one might wonder what is special in the city to be placed on the list of places to visit in Alaska.

Kotlik is indeed a different city. If you are really on the lookout for some serious adventure and to journey your way into a place which does not have many luxuries, this city might just be your ultimate destination. If you want to get away from your hectic life and spend days in absolute peace with as many fewer people as there could be around you, book cheap flights to Kotlik on low cost airlines!

The average snowfall here is 60 inches annually! It's incredible, to say the least. There are plenty of round trip flight deals available.

Know More About Kotlik

It is a small city in the Kusilvak Census Area of Alaska in the United States of America. As per the last census, the population of the city stands at 619. The city is located on the east side of the Kotlik Slough, 35 miles northeast of Emmonak of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The city is filled with youngsters who lead a tough life, quite different from that of an average American teenager. Last minute flight deals and last minute flights to Kotlik are abundant should you change your mind at the eleventh hour.

Kotlik is famous for its fishing economy which also happens to be its chief source of sustenance, until recently, when the influx of tourists more or less diversified the settlement's economy. Although near the sea coast, Kotlik experiences severe weather conditions, thanks to the 16 inches of precipitation in the form of snowfall it receives annually. At the heart of the confluence of Yupik and Inuit cultures, Kotlik presents itself as a community which consists of traditions that have existed for centuries. The ethnic makeup of Kotlik is a testament to the strong link this community has with Native Alaskan culture.

As it is in the Arctic Circle where the climate is sub-arctic and temperatures drop to -50 degrees Celsius, summers are thus very mild while the winters can be freezing and thus there is snow all year round. Doesn't this make you want to get your hands on last minute flights to Kotlik?

Since it remains freezing cold around the year, the best time to visit Kotlik would be summer or spring in order for people not used to subarctic temperatures to adjust themselves and enjoy the scenic serenity around Kotlik. However, if you are adventurous enough then you can visit Kotlik during the winter to experience the winter night and experience the unearthly beauty of the aurora borealis (northern lights) that can be best seen during the onset of the winter night.

The popular places to eat when in Kotlik include Red Lobster and Norton South Seafood Products.

Popular Attractions

Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge - The Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest bird nesting habitats in the world. This is possibly a bird-watchers' bonus. Other visitor attractions include traditional seal hunts, plant collecting, berry picking, fishing, visiting fish camps, ice fishing, dog team trips and wildlife viewing. Get your cheap flights to Kotlik today if all these activities excite you and make the adrenaline rush in your blood!

St. Joseph Catholic Church - The church is not generally crowded with tourists and visitors, but you can visit the church to get an insight into the rich heritage and culture of the community that has inhabited Kotlik for centuries.

A proposed Cultural Center located within the proposed multi-use facility would be an excellent place to have an orientation for tourists. The tourists would be able to view traditional arts & crafts and traditional tools and clothing. Televised monitors with information of the land, environment, flora and fauna would be installed in the cultural center. Tourists could perhaps view local artists at work at the proposed adjacent arts & crafts workshop. Local craftsmen can sell their arts and crafts at a designated site. The city also has its own small but well-maintained airport.


Getting Around in the City

  • Car
  • Boat
  • On foot
  • Snow machines

Other Popular Cities to Visit

  • Nome
  • Kenai
  • Wasilla
  • Bethel
  • Soldotna

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Kotlik remains full of snow throughout the year and this makes the city an optimal location for winter sports such as skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding, etc. So book yourself a cheap flight to Kotlik and take advantage of the year-round snow.

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