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The Land of Lakes

Uncovering Kasigluk

Kasigluk is a place that used to be an Eskimo village. It is presently surrounded by beautiful lakes. Besides, it is along one of the most beautiful rivers of Alaska. The city that is made of two small pleasant villages - Akiuk and Akula is none other than the Kasigluk city. 

Cheap flight tickets are available to this beauty of a place throughout the year. Situated in the Bethel area of Alaska, this place has an airport of its own,known as the Kasigluk Airport, to which low cost airlinesfly on a weekly basis. A place rich with historical significance, filled with scenic beauty and enchanted by pleasant weather conditions matches all the vacation requirements you need at the moment. It is one of the most environmentally preserved areas of the region of Alaska.

About Kasigluk

Kasigluk is a city in the Bethel area of Alaska that boasts of ethnic diversity and is one of the top ten moderates, best college towns and top ten small towns in the United States of America. It has a population of 599 people and there has been a slight rise in population in the recent years. It has one of the largest WalkScores and is a great place to break your new shoes in and go for lovely walks. It is one of the very few Alaskan villages to implement and use wind power for all its power requirements rather than the traditional diesel generators. 

Last minute flights are available to this Alaskan village. It's not only ecological but also reduces the cost of living in impoverished areas of Kasigluk. Listed as one of the "Tundra Villages", it was incorporated as a city only in 1982. But soon after in 1996, the city government was dissolved as village council was more suitable for the needs of the people and the region. This community, which is comprised of Old Kasigluk and New Kasigluk is surrounded by picturesque lakes and sits on the Johnson River. Cheap airline tickets are available on our online booking sites to Kasigluk Airport, the main airport that serves the region.

Know more about Kasigluk

Kasigluk is an Eskimo village which was listed as a Tundra Village in 1939. A post-office was opened only in 1962. It is located along the Johnson River in the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta of Western Alaska, United States. It is made of two smaller villages, which are known by the names of Akuik and Akula. It relies entirely on wind power and its cost of living is low, in comparison to other Alaskan cities.

It houses some of the best tourism related colleges in the area and is one of the top fifty college towns in United States. Kasigluk has a pleasant weather throughout that makes it the one of the most preferred destinations for a romantic getaway, business meeting or a solitary adventure. Tourists can go for skiing, skating and swimming in the nearby lakes adjoining the area while many adventures await you in the delta region.

Popular Attractions

Hazen Bay National Wildlife Refuge - This is one of Alaska's most historically and culturally significant areas. It's also known for its physical beauty and scenery.

Nunivak Island National Wildlife Refuge -It is a cultural feature park in the Bethel area of Alaska. Nash Harbor is a populated area that comes within 16 miles.

Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge -Another cultural feature park in the Bethel area that is known for its physical charm and historic importance is this refuge. Tundra, AK is a populated area that comes within 17 miles.

YupiitPiciryarait Museum is one of the most famed museums in the Bethel area that should be visited.

Chikuminuk Lake, Kasigluk Lake, Nunavakpak Lake, Takslesluk Lake, Kuskokwim River are one of the most breathtaking lakes present around town.

The place abounds in a lot of nature reserves which allows you to do a lot of outdoor activities. The places are rich in scenic beauty and cultural importance.

Go for ice skating at the frozen lakes adjacent to Kasigluk. Also, do not miss entertainment events like dance shows, opera shows, ballet shows and walks along trails.

Bethel Farm Stand is an event that takes place every Saturday and is a ground for fishing and farming products.


Getting Around in the City

  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Water boats

Other Popular Cities to Visit

  • Nunapitchuk
  • Atmautlauk
  • Tuluksak
  • Oscarville

Book Flights to Kasigluk

The best time to book a flight to Kasigluk is between the months of March and July. Avoid the winter months as the place faces a lot of snowfall. Roundtrip deals are available on all our booking sites and domestic airport kiosks. If you're in Kasigluk, the nature's paradise of Alaska, you should go out on hiking trails and ski as much as you can.

The major airlines that operates regular flights to Kasigluk and offer last minute travel options includes Ravn Alaska, Thrifty, Skyscranner and others. Flights tickets booking can be done in the Kasigluk Airport, the main airport of the place. Hurry and hop on to a Kasigluk flight and avail great round trip deals at this time of the year.

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