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The City of Bridges

Uncovering Hamburg

In a shady corner of Hamburg lies Reeperbahn, a street and entertainment area in the city. Illuminated by neon purple lights and crowded by giggling tourists are bars with obscene sculptures and posters. Something about it beckons you though, calling you to explore this nocturnal alley full of pubs, alcohol, and music. Beatles must have felt this too. An unknown pull that led them to be the greatest orchestra in the world. It is here, in this part of Hamburg that the Beatles would go on to play for five hours a night for the next two years. It is right here in the city of Hamburg that the Beatles paved a path to immortality. Book a cheap flight to Hamburg and walk the roads where the Beatles played every night.

When you are in Hamburg, you tend to somewhat understand what made a band of young English boys leave their home and move here to pursue their dreams. It’s in the air, buzzing and sinking deep into your heart and bones. The vibe of this port city with its imperfectly perfect charm is contagious. The innumerous bridges seem to be the biggest highlight of the city. You can find a bridge not more than 200 meters away in any part of the city. Beautifully built, the bridges make for great viewing points for all of the three rivers of Hamburg. If you properly explore the city, you can find revolutionary street art near the banks.

Know more about Hamburg

By no means can Hamburg be called humble. The city is flashy, haughty, and full of pride. It’s, however, the kind which doesn’t come across as negative or obnoxious. On the contrary, Hamburg’s pride and cockiness intrigues you. Its baroque styled old buildings, neatly line up along the sides of the canal. Its modern sky high buildings provide brilliant views of the water ways and neatly laid out roads. The beer is brilliant here, of course. So is the food. Authentic North German delicacies sold here at every nook and corner break your preconceived notions of German food. A bite of Finkenwerder Scholle takes you back to the times when the water was pure and the air was pleasant. The fish is so tenderly cooked that it seems to melt in your mouth. Softly dissolving like candy floss. Its taste seems to explode on your tongue, salty with bits of glazed bacon. If the German’s spoke Italian, Finkenwerder would be called Magnifico! Book last minute flight to Hamburg and bite into an authentic hamburger in the place of its origin.

Popular Tourist attractions

Alster Lake

Located at the center of Hamburg, this pristinely calm lake is huge. As you stand on the heavily decorated bank of the lake you can see yachts, steamers, and two seater canoes. Beautiful colors flash at you from the serene lake. The lake is split into two by the Lombard Bridge. The inner Alster Lake is smaller and more happening than the outer Alster Lake which is much bigger and is for people looking for peace and quiet. During winters, the lake freezes and becomes a playground for children and adults alike. People come out in hordes to skate, dance, and walk on this splendid lake. If you want to book a hotel in Hamburg, we suggest booking the one’s located on the banks of Inner Alster lakes. You can enjoy the luxurious hospitality of Hamburg along with the extraordinary views of the lake.

Miniatur Wunderland

Has the question “what would life be like if everything was tiny” ever crossed your mind? If yes then Hamburg has the answer for you. Located in Speicherstadt lies the Miniatur Wunderland. This place has miniature working models of trains and tracks from Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Some really accurate models of mountains, airplanes, canals, highways, and light towers adorn the whole place. It’s beautiful and you will love it a lot. So, rent a car and explore this amusing place.

Tierpark Hagenbeck Zoo

It is a zoo which brings the North Pole and South Pole together. Animals from every continent live here, and have done so for the past 100 years. Strikingly beautiful premises and very accurate renditions of the animals’ natural habitat makes it a much adored zoo. The elephant herd here is thought to be one of the largest in Europe. You can feed the elephants and giraffes with your own hands. As if that wasn’t enough enticing, the zoo is home to insanely cute penguins and majestically gigantic polar beers.

Hamburg Dungeon

This attraction takes tourists on a journey through all the dark incidents of Hamburg’s history. Main exhibits include the torture of smugglers and people who sinned against god. The cruel punishments leave you scared (figuratively) and horrified to say the least. The show then moves to pirate invasions, and takes you on a ship ride. The exhibitions also include showing the extent of misery the cholera and plague epidemics brought to the city. This attraction is not for the faint of heart and should be avoided by people with trauma.


Getting Around in the City

  • S-Bahn & U-Bahn
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Rental Cars
  • Taxis

Other popular cities to visit

  • Lubeck
  • Kiel
  • Bremen
  • Hanover
  • Berlin
  • Magdeburg
  • Munster

Book flight to Hamburg

Hamburg is thought to be home to one of the greatest nightlife in Europe. Its exotic bars, vibrant live music, and dance clubs are a treat for people with varied choices. The salacious Reeperbahn may not be everyone’s cup of tea but those who are brave and curious enough to venture will find some of the wildest parties and friendliest tourists here. So, what are you waiting for? Book a low cost flight to Hamburg and have the time of your life.

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