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Uncovering Berlin

There are a lot of airlines companies which have developed over the past few years and are providing a number of flights to some scheduled destinations. The companies have made a survey and have chosen some places throughout the world where they are providing flights at a much cheaper rate. Providing flights at a cheaper rate, also helps the particular airlines companies to increase their sale margin and profits.

Such a chosen destination is Berlin which has been selected by many airlines company and has also scheduled this country. Some of the airlines companies have scheduled Berlin in their destination list to provide flights to Berlin at an affordable rate. Now, many flights have been introduced which flies to Berlin, by many renowned airlines companies. These companies are providing cheap flights to Berlin from different parts of the world. Such flights costs much lesser than the original costs of the flight and can be afforded by anybody. The introduction of such tickets also helps you to save a lot of money for your trip. It is only due to these airlines companies that the numbers of tourists have become nearly double in Berlin which is also solving many economic problems. When people are getting the opportunity to buy cheap airline tickets to Berlin, they are choosing this place over any other due to the less payable amount and the number of tickets to be purchased are also becoming many in number which is again doing a profit to the companies as well as helping in the economic development of the country.

About Berlin

Berlin, as we know is the largest city in the Germany country and is also its capital. This city holds the largest population of the country and is thus called as the most populous country. The location of Berlin serves as an advantage to its popularity. It also serves as the central metropolitan region of Germany and support a large number of population. Though it supports a lot of population, it also has a wide variety of parks, gardens, forests and rivers. These physical features add more beauty to the city. This beautiful forest makes the city more exploring and attractive.

  • This city also has its connections with different trade routes of the country due to it being the most urban city in Germany. The city has everything to offer and is a mixture of all the cultures.
  • Though this city does not depend on its tourists due to its wide range of industrial firms and job sectors which accounts most to the country's economy.
  • The city has the best possible architectural designs. Despite the number of bombings during the Second World War, the city still has a number of buildings and museums.
  • Berlin has a great geographical description and occupies almost the whole north-eastern part of the country and is mostly covered with plateaus.

In the few recent years, it had accrued a lot from the tourists who visits the city. This increase in the number of tourists is probably due to the low cost flights to Berlin which is making it quite easier for people to go on an International trip.

Berlin's Weather

Berlin is greatly influenced by its climate due to its location in the European plains. During the springs, the city experiences a mild and chilly weather and gives a comfortable feeling to its residents. The month of March remains very cold and the temperatures may even fall to Four Degree Celsius or less but during the month of May the temperature becomes moderate. The summers experienced by Berlin people are the warmest and most pleasant ones. Autumns are as beautiful as springs and the winter is not very much colder but snowfall can be experienced some times.

Berlin's attractions and explorations

There are a lot of tourist destinations which attracts a lot of people from different parts of the world. It has a lot of orchestras, museums, theatres and universities which are worth a watch. The Brandenburg Gate is one of the longest monuments in Berlin and is considered as one of the neoclassical structure. Next is the Museum Island which is on the Spree River and has many royalties to offer. The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, Charlotte burg Palace and Park along with the Rebuilt Reichstag and many more adds beauty to the city. The place is full of explorations and adventures.

When is the best time to book a flight to Berlin?

The best time to book a flight for Berlin is probably between the months of May and September when the city experiences autumn and one can experience the best of the place. Sitting outside and looking at the view is going to be an easy option if someone is visiting at this time of the year. The temperatures during this time also remains mild and so one can also try out a lot of activities present in the city.

Major airlines operating flights to Berlin

Though a lot of airlines companies are providing last minute flights to Berlin, there are some companies which are providing the best services and flight deals to Berlin. They are Lufthansa flights, Air India flights, British Airways flights, Egypt Air flights, Jet Airways flights, Swiss flights, United flights and many more. These mentioned ones are the major ones which are continuously providing great deals and services when providing flights to Berlin.


Getting Around in the City

If you want to get around within Berlin, it is easier now. Berlin has the availability of all kinds of transport like:

  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Regional trains
  • U-Bahn
  • S-Bahn
  • All these transport requires valid tickets of the passengers which are available in the various optional zones. If someone wants to go out for a short trip then one can easily get the tickets from the underground S-Bahn stations. One day tickets are also available if someone is going to travel more places, seven days tickets are also available for the tourists. Welcome Cards can also be used if someone is going to make a longer stay in the city.

Other Popular Cities to Visit

  • Cologne
  • Hamburg
  • Bamberg
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Potsdam

Popular events in Berlin

Berlin never runs out of festivals. During the month of January one can go to the Berlin fashion week or the event Days of Dance Berlin, International Green week Berlin. In the February, the Berlin Independent Film Festival is the first option to visit.

Also, the Tanzolymp International Dance Festival takes place during this time of the month. One should participate in the St. Patrick's Day in Berlin during the March. April comes with a number of music and film festivals which are worth watching and the International games week also takes place during this time of the year which interests a lot of people. May is full of social and cultural works which one must take information about.

June is packed with a lot of design festivals like the DYM- International Design festivals and also designing events. July and August are spent in exploring the beauties of the botanical gardens and parks and forests. September and October are full with dance programs and art exhibitions. November is full with various cultural events and December is full with Christmas activities and markets. So one can go to Berlin at any time of the year and can never run out of adventures.

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