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The City of Contrasts

Uncovering Beirut

Beirut is not for everyone. It’s like a cup of strong black coffee. It wakes you up and fills you up with energy enough to conquer the world. There is a dialogue in the movie Rocky Balboa, it goes something like this, “But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!” This dialogue defines what Beirut is, a city that can constantly get hit and still move forward. The city is a winner in terms of its capability to take pain and misery and convert it in to sheer joy. Even after such a catastrophic past, Beirut is all for smiles. Nothing in the city gives away the horror that it has experienced. The buildings are tall and proud, and so are the people. Get on a cheap flight to Beirut and explore a city that refuses to give up and smile in the face of adversity.

Know more about Beirut

Beirut’s architectural design is very interesting. To be very specific, every landmark and building in the city outlines the contrast that the city lives in. A church sharing its wall with a mosque. A modern tall building standing opposite a traditional short one. The designs are simple, minimalistic, and genius. Though the city would have been quite aesthetic even without the sea that surrounds it on the west, the ink blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea adds onto the beauty of Beirut.

Being a Middle-Eastern city, the lifestyle in Beirut is quite dynamic. The city is just the right amount of liberal without any offensive tones. A party culture envelopes Beirut and locals love partying. Even the visitors who come here, often come to party and are then left mesmerized by everything else the city has to offer. Get on a low cost flight to Beirut and explore the multitude of attractions in the city. One thing that gets to the notice of visitors is that the natives are very helpful and friendly. They are not averse to foreigners, on the contrary, they very much like them and make them feel welcomed. This warm nature of the locals make the trip for any traveler a lot more fun as they can also seek information about the great haunts and clubs.

Popular Tourist Attractions

National Museum of Beirut - Lebanon has an incredibly long history. The area was first inhabited under the first ever civilization- Mesopotamia. It was then inhabited by Phoenicians and thereafter by Romans. Today, it is mostly inhabited by Arabs. At National Museum of Beirut you can find everything about Lebanese history. The museum is beautiful with some very rare exhibitions. Visitors can rent out an iPad by keeping their passports as security. The iPad can then be used to read or hear descriptions about each exhibition. The Roman and Egyptian artifacts are a major hit here. Book last minute flights to Beirut and visit one of the finest museums in the world for an immersive tour of Lebanese history.

Corniche, Beirut - One of the most romantic attractions in the city, Corniche attracts young and old alike. This is the only place in the city where you can find a respite from the high octane city life. On one side lies the incredible Mediterranean Sea with its calm serene waters and on the other lies the beautiful city of contrasts. While walking along Corniche you will come across the Pigeon Rock. A natural rock structure born out of geological eruption stands erect barely 10 minutes from Corniche. The Pigeon Rock also has a natural arch and has been an object of wonder and awe for people from all over the world. If you love fishing, bring a fishing rod along. You can throw a line down from the railings and wait for some Mediterranean fish. The best part about fishing here is not the view but the companions you will find. A lot of locals come here to fish and they can share some amazing stories about the city. We’d recommend booking a hotel near Corniche to be greeted by the refreshing Mediterranean wind every morning.

Mazaar Ski Resort - Near the villages of Faraya and Kfardebian, approximately an hour’s drive from Beirut, are snow clad mountains. A rare site in the Middle-East, these mountains rise to almost 3000 meters in elevation. The rugged white soft snow spreading for over 50 miles are some of the best ski slopes in the whole of Middle-East. The ski season runs from end of December to end of March and can get quite cold so come prepared with ample warm clothing if you plan on visiting this place. The best way to get to Mazaar Ski Resort is to rent a car and drive there yourself because the views during this short drive are spellbinding.


Getting Around in the City

  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Rental Car

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Book Flights to Beirut

Beirut has one of the finest nightlife in the world surprisingly. The thrill is enhanced by the staunchness of its neighboring countries. The point is that people on a tour of Middle-East often carry a perplexed expression on witnessing the openness of Beirut. The lifestyle here is significantly different from the likes of U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. Alcohol isn’t prohibited, women dress however they want, and the people just love dancing. So, get on a flight to Beirut immediately and immerse in an experience like no other.