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About Interjet Airlines (4O) Reservations

Are you looking for Interjet flight tickets? Interjet is a major Mexican carrier that offers a large number of airfare deals and online booking services for its customers for its various domestic and international destinations served by Interjet flights on a daily basis.

Founded in December 1, 2005, Interjet flew its first chartered international flight to Guatemala City six years later. Today, it is the most reputed airline service available in Mexico operating a large number of domestic services within Mexico and operating a large number of international flights throughout South and North America at reasonable prices.


Interjet is a low-cost airline that was established in December 1, 2005 with one Airbus A320 aircraft operating from Mexico City International Airport. Owned by the Aleman group, it steadily rose from operating second-hand aircraft to procuring new planes, it has turned out to be the first successful airline which has a low fare price for its domestic and international services. With the end of its competitor, Aero California, from the low budget airline scene, Interjet has emerged as Mexico’s most successful airline with cheap prices and the high standards of quality among low-cost airline services in the Americas and the Caribbean islands, including Cuba. The main hubs of airline flights operated by Interjet are Toluca and Mexico City.


Interjet offers a large number of domestic services within Mexico, connecting major urban centers such as Acapulco, Campeche, La Paz, Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Mazatian, and Zacatecas, all flights being available from Mexico City International Airport. Interjet also offers international flights to the United States, Cuba, Colombia and Guatemala. Thus, you can book Interjet flight tickets to over 50 destinations, both within the borders of Mexico and to countries located in North and South America, chiefly the United States, Colombia and Costa Rica. International destinations include Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Antonio and New York City in the United States; Bogota in Colombia, San Jose de Costa Rica in Costa Rica, Havana, Santa Clara and Varadero in Cuba and Guatemala City in Guatemala.

Services and Amenities

Interjet is perhaps the only low-cost airline in all Mexico that offers a wide variety of services and amenities to its customers travelling to various destinations by utilizing the services of Interjet and by booking its tickets. Some major services offered by Interjet are the following:

1. All Interjet flights have a wide variety of options of food and drinks, without any sort of extra costs. These include hot beverages such as tea and coffee and cold beverages such as Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mirinda, Manzanta Sol, 7Up, BeLight and mineral water. Milk and Lipton Iced Tea are available only in the morning service.

Juices include Jumex Apple, Jumex Orange and Jumex Tomato.

Alcoholic beverages are served usually in the evening service, and they might be served in the morning service on the explicit request made by the passengers. They include the service of brands such as Herradura Antiguo tequila, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Findlandia vodka, Appleton Estate rum, as well as beers of brands such as Grupo Modelo, Modelo Especial, Corona, Corona Light, Leon and Pacifico.

Snacks include sweetmeat items such as fruit filled cereal bar and oatmeal cookies, as well as salty items such as potato chips, Doritos and Rancheritos. 

Lastly, a variety of delicacies are served on flights travelling between Mexico and international destinations, including New York City, USA and Bogota, Colobia.

2. Realizing that the most intriguing moments in flights are during landing and takeoff, Interjet have provided for the provision of a camera to show the takeoff and landings of the aircraft concerned. The cameras, present at the front of the fuselage, record the process of takeoffs and landings made by the aircraft and display the same on a screen present in the passenger’s seat on its activation by the flight’s captain at the start and end of each flight.

3. Interjet is the first and the only Mexican airline which has restrooms designated only for women, indicating the commitment of Interjet to provide comfort and quality in its service to customers. These designated restrooms are shown by flight attendants during the flight.

4. Interjet also provides provision for a comfortable gap between two seats, measuring about 34 inches, allowing the passenger to stretch their legs and lie back, without disturbing other passengers. Also, passengers are able to select their seats while booking their flights on Interjet, at no extra cost.

5. Interjet also offers a 15% discount for senior citizens. This discount is added instantly when the prospective passenger enters their age while booking their tickets for a flight by Interjet, allowing superannuated citizens to travel at lower costs and with all the comforts given to other passengers using Interjet to travel between destinations, on both domestic and international routes.

Baggage Allowance

Interjet is also the only Mexican carrier which allows the customer to carry seventy-five kilograms worth of luggage with them while traveling. This could be achieved by putting up three suitcases weighing twenty five kilograms or a suitcase weighing twenty five kilograms along with the passenger’s pet, surfboard, bicycle or musical instrument. This benefit is available for passengers using Interjet as their carrier for both domestic and international flights. This feature is thus pretty unique when it comes to low-cost airline services anywhere in the world, allowing customers to carry a good deal of luggage along with their pet or equipment.

Also, Interjet allows passengers a carry on allowance of ten kilograms. This means that any luggage that a passenger may like to carry with them during the flight must not exceed more than ten kilograms, and it may include their suitcase, diaper bag, handbag, and laptop backpack, that can be kept in the containers above the seats or below the seats. If the carryon luggage is exceeded, the passenger must declare this while booking their tickets for their flight via Interjet, and they must produce the necessary documentation at the counter when checking in before boarding the flight. The surcharge for the excess carryon luggage would be counted in the same currency in which the reservation for the flight’s seat was book. In US Dollars, this costs $5 per extra kilogram.

If a passenger has health issues, then they need to furnish documents declaring the nature and type of the condition by their physician and the mandate of carrying any essential medical equipment or a supporting pet with them in the cabin.  The equipment or pet concerned should be of sufficient dimension and weight that would enable the passenger to carry it safely during the duration of the flight.

From the above, Interjet is one of the best low-cost airline which offers a large number of services at the most reasonable price. The satisfactory service of customers availing the services of Interjet for flying between destinations in North and South America is the prime motive for all the employees at Interjet, providing the best services in the class for low-cost airlines in the Americas. Interjet has created a benchmark for all budgeted carriers by its exemplary service, policies and the prices at which they operate for the average traveler, with special emphasis for senior citizens.

In order to get the best and the cheapest airfare deals from Interjet, you need to head to their official website to book your tickets and reserve your seat in order to experience the services by Interjet and understand their policies with regard to the safety of yourself as well as the safety of others, as well as the kinds of documentation you’d need to furnish to make your Interjet experience more enjoyable for yourself. Checkout the various offers that are available as a part of Interjet’s seasonal sale, and the fares for tickets for travelling to various destinations in the Americas.

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