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About KLM Airlines (KL) Reservations

Looking for KLM Airline Flight Tickets? The wait for ultimate flight experience is now over with the arrival of KLM Airline flights. Since its day of genesis on October 7th, 1919, KLM Airline has moved on from the objectives of connecting Netherlands and its colonies via airway, to becoming a forerunner in the race of European airline companies in the European airline industry.

Choose between Economy or Business Class

When money stands between a traveler and the traveler’s dream trip, travel classes of the flight trips enables KLM airline flights to present a platter of flight prices broadly categorized into Economy class and Business class. On the list of travel classes provided by KLM airline flights, Business class consists of further divisions of World Business class and Europe Business class.

KLM airlines understand that while you are on a business trip, you loath the long flight hours with the limited amenities on board. KLM flights and KLM ticket reservation including the KLM travel classes saves the day for a wide and ever expanding herd of businessmen and executives like you.

In the World Business Class and/or Europe Business class, KLM airlines have spent a significant time to design and present the most comfortable flight journey which includes a sleeper seat pre-equipped with a special unit for massage just to make sure that you arrive at your destination looking fresh and feeling relaxed. In-seat power lets you charge your mobile, laptop or other devices while you remain seated in the designer seats designer for your comfortable journey.

The seat lets you recline as you might on your bed with the full flat feature of the seat which is one of longest seat an airline provides. Every seat in the World Business Class of the KLM airlines boasts an in-built personal storage space, for your essential hand baggage, along with privacy window that is provided to protect your personal space.

These above mentioned features along with 17 inch big personal entertainment screen, international magazines and newspapers, direct aisle access for every single seat and an option to choose components from a 3 course taste bud stimulating meal menu, are KLM airlines flight service’s effort to make you feel at home while you are moving around the continent for your busy work schedule.

Still wondering why you would pursue KLM airlines reservation services to book a ticket in World Business travel class? Are extra-baggage allowance, priority check-in, passing security check-ins, boarding flight as well as priority luggage collection from the conveyor belt resistible offers? KLM airlines’ World Business class ticket provides you with above services and more.

While you are amused by the World business class ticket features and amenities of KLM airlines flight, the crunch in your pocket might be the reason you are resisting yourself from going ahead with the reservations. Once again KLM airline flight travel class has the perfect solution for your budget trip- the Economy class of KLM airline flight travel class. With KLM airlines flight economy class tickets, a vast arena of elite facilities open up for your intercontinental or intra-Europe trips.

Your KLM airlines Economy class flight tickets render you an access to in-built personal entertainment systems with an option of using a KLM headset or your own headset, comfort prioritized ergonomically designed comfortable seats with cozy blankets and designer pillows, and a delicious lip-smacking meal option including special meal services depending on your specific requests. What changed for KLM airlines flights as Boeing 777-200 entered the history of KLM airline flights from 2015? It’s good news for Economy Class travelers as Boeing 777-200 brings in a comfortable journey in KLM airlines intercontinental flights.

About KLM airlines

Being the flag airline of the Netherlands, KLM Royal Dutch airline has its headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands and holds the reputation of oldest airline, founded by Albert Plesman on 7th October 1919. KLM Royal Dutch airlines or KLM airlines is the abbreviation for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij meaning "Royal Aviation Society". Since the first flight on May 17th, 1990 between Croydon airport in London and Schipol in Amsterdam, KLM airlines have presented world-class facilities and features to each and every passenger on board.

As a result of merger between KLM airlines and Air France on 30th September, 2003, Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have become the principal hubs of Air-France KLM. For its constantly efficient staff services on board, in the year 2012 and 2013, KLM airline was awarded as “Best Airline Staff Service” in Europe airline industry. With an approximate number of 32,505 employees, KLM airlines operate to about 145 destinations spanning the entire globe.

Where to?

KLM airlines along with its partner associations serve a wide range of destinations that spans the entire globe in about 145 destinations. So if you are looking for a premium flight service from Amsterdam to Berlin, Copenhagen, Zurich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, Calcutta, Rangoon, Singapore, Texel, London or even Baghdad or Karachi, KLM airlines is your one stop solution.

For expanding the network of airway and ensure ultimate flight services to intercontinental destination, KLM airlines have signed code share agreements with airlines like Kenya Airways, Bangkok Airways, Jet airways, Malaysia Airlines, City Jet, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines and many more airlines around the globe.

KLM follows the socio-cultural as well as economical and tourist industrial development of a particular region before launching routes to include that particular region as a KLM flight destination. So if you are looking for one airline service that helps you move around the world with minimum hassle on your part, KLM airlines is the answer you are seeking, for KLM airlines has around 68 long haul destinations and 77 medium haul destinations.

Airports services by KLM airline

KLM airline provides a range of airport services for a completely hassle and tension free journey. KLM airlines offer online as well as offline check-in services. You can book your favorite seat on your flight, e.g. Economy regular seat, Economy comfort seat, Preferred seat, Seat with extra Legroom, World business class seats and also Europe business class seats, by various methods such as online check-in where you log in to your account in KLM airline website via your laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Self-Check-in services are available at the airport using check-in kiosks which prints the boarding passes.

And why stop self-service at the check-in? KLM airlines are initiating services such as self-service baggage drop off at the airports like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which has empowered the passenger to drop off their own luggage in a hassle free manner. KLM airline, like in many other aspects of innovative schemes, has been marked as the first airline that offers self-service transfer kiosks for its passengers, enabling the passenger to access various service options in the connecting flights journey.

Top KLM airline Domestic Flight Routes

Looking for the most promising flight route experience in KLM domestic flight routes? The popular KLM airline Domestic flight routes can start from or head over to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Kralendijk, Maastricht, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

Top KLM Airline International Flight Routes

The humdrum life has bored and you want to spread your wings and explore the locations beyond borders. KLM airline top international flight routes and destinations might help you design your travel plans and KLM airline flight booking which includes, Gothenburg, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Dublin, Vienna, Zurich, London and many more. The latest cheap flight offers on KLM airline flight prices present an irresistible and affordable price ranges for flights to international destinations.

Services and Amenities

In Flight amenities in KLM airlines are the reason of wide acclamation they earn from their passengers. These amenities vary from Business class to Economy class, with a number of common features in both the travel classes. The common In Flight amenities includes entertainment screen with KLM headphones, free magazines and newspapers and delicious meals cooked by renowned cooks for the passengers travelling in KLM airline flights.

Baggage Allowance

Now that you booked your flight and planned your itinerary using KLM airline travel guide, the next step is packing your bags to assure the journey to be smooth and enchanting as KLM airline bookings offers its passengers. To avoid hassle and tension in the journey, KLM airline flights have already set few baggage allowance rules, which if followed properly will help the passengers check in and drop off their baggage without any delay.

For the economy class on European and intercontinental flights, the maximum baggage allowance weight is 12 kilogram. KLM airline booking rule book mentions the maximum of one hand baggage with allowed dimension of the hand baggage included under this category of travel class which is 55*35*25 cm or 21.5 inch * 13.5 inch * 10 inch. Apart from this, other allowed baggage dimension which is identified as accessory bag including laptop bag, hand purse or briefcase of maximum allowed dimension of 40cm * 30 cm * 15cm or 16 inch * 12 inch * 6 inch. Together these two types of baggage should add up to a maximum of 12 kg or 26lbs.

For the business class for European and intercontinental flights the maximum baggage allowance weight is 18kg or 40lb. KLM airline booking travel guide mentions the maximum of two hand baggage with allowed dimension of the hand baggage being maximum of 55 * 35 * 25 cm (21.5 * 13.5 * 10 inch) and additional accessory laptop bag, hand purse or briefcase of maximum allowed dimension being 40 * 30 * 15 cm (16 * 12 * 6 inch).

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