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Greatest Artwork of Nature

Uncovering Grand Canyon

At times we forget how small we are and how momentary life is. We forget the power of nature and its elements. At times, we think we are above all that is nature and we can mold it in accordance with our desires. At the Grand Canyon, all these delusions are shattered. The vast red-brown canyon cliffs stretch in every direction as far as you can see. The gorges seem so deep they might as well lead straight to Tartarus.  River Colorado over thousands of years have cut through this world famous canyon deeper and deeper. It is here, at Grand Canyon, after seeing the gigantic gorges, that we realize how puny we are and that all we can do is respect and admire the all-powerful nature. Book cheap flights to Grand Canyon and witness the wonder and power of nature.

Know More about Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a prime example of how nature is far above man. This place is not just beautiful, it is intriguing and also dynamic. The Colorado River slithers through the gorges of the canyons creating dazzling vistas. The desert vegetation gives the scenic beauty of the place a mysterious touch. Atop the canyon, one gets a completely different feel and view from when one descends down in to the gorges. In the gorges, light reaches in broken rays, long shadows fall on the rugged canyon walls, as if telling tales of their history through a light and sound show. It is here that you see magical realism in action. Its magic is enunciated by its inclusion in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Book last minute flights to Grand Canyon and visit this highly celebrated and awarded tourist destination.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Grand Canyon Village - This is the entry point which is famous amongst every traveler making their way to Grand Canyon. The village is very picturesque with buildings and hotels that have been built to compliment the canyon itself. Not far from the village is Yavapai Point; a great vantage point for canyon viewing. Make a hotel booking in the Grand Canyon Village and spend a night in one of the most protected and preserved landmasses of the world.

North Rim - The South Rim is extremely famous. Every one visits the South Rim due to its accessibility. However, if you are looking for some authentic and unhindered Grand Canyon experience, head to the North Rim. The cliffs here are far from human contact and activity. Basically, the cliffs here are higher and the gorges deeper. The canyon stands tall and proud beckoning vagabonds brave enough to witness its raw beauty. A must for adventurers and wilderness lovers.

Havasupai Falls - After trekking 8 miles from the Hualapai Hilltop comes the village of Supai. After trekking another 2 miles from this village, you reach the mythical Havasupai Falls. The falls are formed as the Havasu creek rushes to meet and be one with the Colorado River. The splendid turquoise colored waters fall into natural crevices forming pools. The huge cliffs in the background as well as the green vegetation around the creek will leave you stunned with their combined beauty. Take a swim here or camp overnight and see the brilliant sky sans all the pollution. Check out some flight deals online, fly to Grand Canyon and have a great time splashing around in the pools.

Colorado River Rafting - Colorado River traversing through the Grand Canyon gives you the greatest river rafting experience. The river splashes in all its vigor where you can simply experience grade six rapids. The swift waters take you through the oxbow shaped gorges. The high cliffs lying on either side intimidate you but the thrill and adrenaline rush you experience here is unparalleled. Not many other natural wonders of the world let you do such adventurous activities in their premises.

Grand Canyon Skywalk - A fairly new addition to the charm and attractions of Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Jutting seventy feet from the cliff, the skywalk provides visitors with magnificent views of the 4000 feet drop. The floor of the skywalk is made of transparent glass. You feel like you are suspended in the air with astonishing views on all fronts. Visitors can walk on this skywalk and enjoy mind-blowing vistas of the splendid Grand Canyon. Rent a car and travel around the canyon at your own pace and leisure.   


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Book Flights to Grand Canyon

People usually think traveling to Grand Canyon can be quite troublesome. Lack of public transport and the remoteness of Grand Canyon makes it a little difficult to reach here. However, the best way to reach and enjoy Grand Canyon to the fullest is by renting a car. This allows travelers to roam around freely and without sticking to schedules of everyone around you.

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