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About JetBlue Airways (B6) Reservations

Jet Blue Airways is one of the largest and most noteworthy airline service providers in the United States of America. JetBlue Airways Corporation is the owner of JetBlue Airways flights and responsible for dispatching all services. It stands out from the other airline's companies as it is one of the most low-cost airlines America has.

The sixth largest airline in America operates from its headquarters in the Brewster Building, Long Island City Neighborhood of New York City borough of Queens along with a corporate office situated in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Founded in August 1998, it commenced operations only four years later on 11th February 2000 and it has served brilliantly for these sixteen years from its primary base located at John F. Kennedy International Airport. ‘David Neeleman’ laid foundations of this company and named it “NewAir” in 1999.

Though it started with the South west intention of providing low-cost services to customers, it became remarkable because of the in-flight entertainment it provides of Sirius XM satellite radio and TV attached to every seat beside others. It has a loyalty program or a frequent flyer program for encouraging its customers named TrueBlue. This type of virtual currency which motivates customers enrolled in the system lets them enjoy a no expiry program of TrueBlue where they can redeem their points on the basis of miles flown, distances covered, class of fare or amount paid. If you make a JetBlue booking online, 6 points per dollar are earned while 3 points are earned on other offline bookings.

They have a fleet size of 217 and covers around 97 domestic destinations in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, South America and Central America. While serving more than 100 International destinations like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Peru, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominion Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tabaco and a number of other locations. The major focus airports it serves where JetBlue reservations are readily available includes John F. Kennedy International Airport, Logan International Airport in Boston, Long Beach Airport, Orlando International Airport, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan and Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport. They aim at bringing back humanity to air travel.

They gained a lot of market share as they were offering low-cost services, not only giving a competition to low-cost airlines like Frontier and SouthWest but also major airline carrier companies like American, United, and Delta for the extensive and impeccable customer service they provided with unlimited and free snack offerings, comfortable legroom, in-flight entertainment with individual television sets and radios. They have a Customer Bill of Rights which offers financial compensation and recuperation to customers in cases of flight delay and cancellation, following upheavals and major flight cancellations in February 2007. They aim at to keep their customers as their major priority as their slogan emphasize “You Above All” and they take a dig at other competitors who lack in providing customer proper amenities and comforts and burdens them with extra or hidden charges.

It has five bases for its pilots and crew members in Boston Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Long Beach Airport and Orlando International Airport. On May 6, 2015 it emerged as the first airline provider to dispatch flights to Cuba and the service commenced two months later in July with weekly services to the place.

Services and Amenities

 If you buy a JetBlue ticket you will be provided with certain comforts that aren’t even provided by the biggest airlines. On taking a JetBlue Flight, one would be ecstatic to find a number of complimentary and free services that would only make your journey better. They face in providing supreme luxurious services to customers with unlimited and free snack offerings, legroom area and primal in-flight entertainment. Their services which make them noteworthy and JetBlue flight deals better than the rest include spacious room for seating, DIRECT TV programming with individual television sets attached to every seat, a new selection of meals and selection of meals.

Baggage Allowance

Once you make a JetBlue Booking, you would be shown multiple fare choices to choose from depending on the number of bags that are offered for checking. This makes them the carrier with Cheap Airline Tickets. The conditions that must be fulfilled are

It shouldn’t exceed 157 centimeters or 62 inches in overall dimensions in terms of the totality of length, width, and height of the bag.

It shouldn’t exceed 50 pounds or 22.68 kilograms in terms of weight.

If it does exceed these dimensions, an extra fee will be levied. The first bag normally incurs a $20 or $25 fee while the second comes for $35 while the third is for $100. Exceptions exist where Blue and Blue Plus fares are inclusive of only bags like Cuba, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Tobago, Dominion Republic and Ecuador.

Boxes are not accepted as checked baggage on International flights. However, chances in domestic flights galore. In case of oversized baggage, $100 per bag charge would be levied. In case of checked bags, all bags must be checked at the airport 60 minutes prior to the flight in case of International JetBlue flights and 40 minutes prior to the flight in case of Domestic flights.

In case of a carry-on bag, a person would be allowed to bring onboard a personal item like a briefcase, purse or laptop with a carry-on bag for storing it in the overhead bin or beneath the seat. It should follow certain limitations like;

On all aircraft types, all carry-on bags should not exceed 22” (L) multiplied into 14” (W) multiplied into 9” (H) in terms of dimensions, including wheels and handles.

Personal items should not exceed 17” L multiplied into 13” W multiplied into 8” H in terms of dimensions, including wheels and handles. Personal items should be stored or placed underneath the seat in front of you.

Non-hazardous items may be packed in checked baggage. Damage of fragile items wouldn’t hold the Airways liable. Humanitarian agencies who are transporting supplies to crisis areas would also be subject to same regulations of baggage to keep alive the spirit of equality.

List of Prohibited items on carry-on bags include;

Aerosols of any kind like beverages, shampoos, gels, creams, lotions and toothpastes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices for their inflammable tendencies, keeping in mind the safety of other customers.

Dual use items that can be used as weapons besides firearms, ammunitions and incendiaries.

Sharp objects with a folding or retractable blade, box cutters, ice axes, knives, meat cleavers, metal scissors with pointed tips, sabers, spare blades, straight razors, and swords.

Sporting goods like hover boards, baseball bats, bows and arrows, camping stoves, cricket bats, golf clubs, ice skates, spear guns and others.

BB guns, compressed air guns, starter pistols, gun lighters, gun powders, flare guns, parts of guns and firearms, pellet guns, realistic replicas of guns which might put the safety of other passengers at risk.

Tools like axes, cattle prods, crowbars, drills, hammers, motorized tools, saws, screw drivers, wrenches and pilers.

Martial Arts or self-defense items like Billy clubs, black jacks, dog repellant sprays, throwing stars, night sticks, batons, pepper sprays, nunchakus.

Explosive materials like dynamite, fireworks, flares, hand grenades, plastic explosives, realistic replicas.

Flammable items like aerosols, fuels, gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluids, matches, self-heating meals ready to eat, torch lighters and turpentine and paint thinner.

Disabling chemicals and other dangerous items like tear gas, chlorine for pools, compressed gas cylinders or fire extinguishers.

Sports equipment like golf bags are allowed and no extra charge is levied on a golf bag if it conforms to the weight requirements of baggage and it falls under the category of checked baggage. It is advisable to the authority team to pack golf bags in hard-sided containers as soft sided containers though would be accepted is better if avoided keeping in mind damage tendencies. A golf bag can contain:

14 golf clubs

3 golf balls

One pair of golf shoes

Travelers with medical disabilities or clinical requirement aren’t limited restrictions on their carry-on baggage. They are advised to provide it for checking at the airport.

They have this unique service of delivering your bags to your destined location in return for a minimal fee. This operation is serviced by their partner Bags VIP. It is also advised when you buy JetBlue Airline tickets which are noteworthy as low-cost airline tickets to check their website thoroughly for your query.

Travelling with Pets

JetBlue Airways Flights are remarkable for providing low-cost airline tickets. When you take a flight with us, you can travel with pets with ease because of their specially designed program named JetPaws. It provides the owners as well as their pets all the adequate tools or things they might need to make their journey a comforting one. Small cats and dogs are accepted in the aircraft cabin of almost all International flights with certain restrictions to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, and Saint Lucia. They are restricted on interline bookings, unfortunately. The combined weight of the pet and its carrier shouldn’t exceed 20 pounds and it would levy a charge of $100 for one way. Four pets are allowed per flight. The bookings are made on a first come first served basis within 24 hours of departure at the airport. A pet carrier counts as a carry-on item. While generally one pet per customer is allowed, exceptions might be made in certain cases. You must look up JetBlue Airways’ website for further details.

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