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New Zealand

Located on the South Western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an island nation. It is a developed country with a market economy and a World Bank high-income economy. The official languages are English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language.

The beauteous country of New Zealand offers so many adventure and sporting activities that you will never lack for choices. The most prominent ones include -

Formula 1 - Now even you can experience the adrenaline rush and the gravitational forces felt by the professional formula 1 drivers at the various circuits such as Ruapuna, Hasketts Road, Templeton, Christchurch, 86 Sandy Point Road, Otatara, 9 RD, Invercargill and Hampton Downs.

Power Boat Racing - It is also another great option to feel the chills and thrills of adventure. Some of the Circuit Racing Boat includes Hydroplanes, Racing Runabouts, V-Bottoms and Tunnel Boats.

Motorcycling - Riding a motorbike along the graceful, rain forest curves on the West Coast highway to Haast is perhaps the most scenic journey you will experience in your lifetime. With the well-engineered and nicely maintained roads, New Zealand is perfectly suited for a bike ride.