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Throughout history, women have achieved many feats. Much of which had gone unnoticed due to the patriarchy's systematic habit of keeping their achievements in the shadows. For many decades, if the name of the author of a book is said to be 'anonymous', it is almost always certain that the writer is a women. Be it science, medicine or engineering, no matter what their field of study was, credit for their work was taken by someone else.

After a long and tiring fight, women are stepping out of the shadows of centuries old gender roles and finding their footing in a world that's perceived to be too harsh for them. But time and again, women around the world have proved that they're stronger than what the world throws at them.

It is this never-say-die spirit that needs to be celebrated. Women's Day is observed internationally on the 8th of March. It was first celebrated in the US in 1909. Initially, its significance was that of spreading awareness about sexism and civil rights. Since then, the occasion had evolved into celebrating womanhood and all its aspects.

In today's world, Women's Day festivities address many issues such as racism, poverty, misogyny and violence. The occasion is used to draw attention to the problems faced by the women and men of all the classes and creeds, not just one. In the US and many other countries, Women's Day events are held where prominent female personalities are invited to speak about their achievements and the challenges they faced to reach their goals.

Girls CAN Fly! hosted by Ontario (Canada) is held in honor of women in the aviation industry. New Orleans organizes Women's Day brunch which features speakers giving inspiring speeches in TED-Talk style.

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