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Around the world Christians observe Easter Monday as a National holiday. It is celebrated right after the Easter Sunday. The date of Easter is determined every year by the ecclesiastical approximation based on the March Equinox.

Easter Monday is celebrated by Christians all around the world as a day of break, especially in the countries where it is observed as a public holiday, such as: The United States of America, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Finland, etc. Many of the corporate houses, government offices and educational institutions remain closed this day. In many places, the local transit authorities also operate on different schedules and timetables.

Many countries such as Canada and Australia celebrate the day by engaging in outdoor activities. Easter Parades are organized in various parts of the world. In many Polish communities, Easter Monday is referred to as 'Splash Monday' (Dyngus) where kids enjoy the day by playing water games.

Easter Monday was initially considered as unlucky and therefore was referred to as 'Black Monday'. Many people attribute this phrase to the great loss of life which they have incurred on military expeditions. Monday in general was also regarded as unlucky. For the school children, it simply meant going back to school post the break. Many people also referred to Easter Monday as 'Bloody Monday'.

The modern day Easter celebrations are observed with eggs. These eggs, also known as 'Easter Eggs' can also be eaten. Christians regard eggs as a sign of rebirth and resurrection; they believe a new life is born in an egg. It is also believed that the egg resembles the stone's shape that slipped out on Easter Sunday from the tomb that held Jesus's body.

Easter celebrations differ according to demography. Many nations in Eastern and Central Europe celebrate the day by decorating Easter eggs in attractive patterns. In Switzerland, the Easter egg is carried and delivered by a cuckoo. In some areas of Germany, this tradition is performed by a fox.

The US celebrates the day by organizing an 'Easter Egg Roll' for young children which is held at the White House by the president. The roots of the tradition date back to 1878, although it was not held at its present venue back then. The 'Easter Egg Roll' is a very popular event and garners a lot of media attention every year. Easter egg-races are held in many other parts of the world as well.

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Major Airport: The Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is the primary commercial airport in Washington D.C.

Where to Stay: Sofitel Washington D.C, W Washington D.C, Willard InterContinental Washington, JW Marriott Washington, DC and The Hay-Adams are some of the most popular hotels located in close proximity to the White House. All these hotels are situated at a distance of less than a mile from the President's residence.