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Moscow, the capital city of Russia which is perhaps the most powerful country in the world today has swiftly made a reputation for itself as a center of fashion, with its own unique blend of style and trends and now with increasing number of new and young designers making their name on the international platforms.

While Moscow is widely acknowledged for the expensive boutiques which features labels from both the international and Russian designers, the city now has a growing number of homegrown high-street chains which is only boosting the image of Russia as one of the most fashionable and trendiest cities in the world.

The best stores in Moscow include -

Chapurin Couture - A famous boutique selling clothing lines designed by the internationally renowned Russian designer, Igor Chapurin, with clothes for men, women, children and also ski clothing as well as interior design. Address - Red Square, 3, Moscow

Arsenicum Showroom - A growing showroom featuring the label of rising star Dmitry Loginov, recognized for his classical simple suits and dresses with edgy and unusual touch. Address - Apartment 2619 Kyznetsky Most st., Moscow

Denis Simachev - Bright and playful, Denis Simachev's designs combine the traditional Soviet and the Russian motifs with the modern street wear to create some utterly original and unique outfits. Address - per. Stoleshnikov, 12, Moscow.

Some of the other prominent stores are Concept Store No.1, Bosco Sport, Lillies, So French, Ekaterina Furs and Vintage X.