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Columbus Day Travel Deals

There was a man in the late 1400s. He had a dream. Explorer at heart, he set out to fulfill his dream. The dream of sailing to India and China. But like so many great discoveries, the man never reached India or China. Instead, he found a continent that no one knew of in Europe. The continent that would later lead to the birth of two of the most influential countries in the world. This man - Christopher Columbus - found what is today known as the Americas. The Italian born sailor/explorer set sail for “India” in August of 1492 and reached the Americas in October of the same year.

Columbus, in his dream and discovery, was the embodiment of the true American spirit. He envisioned traveling to great lands & settlement on the land found, and he achieved the same. He dared the mighty Pacific, he sailed to the lands that no other had ever before him. The day of his landing is celebrated all over the Americas. The festival is known by various names but the origin of all of them remains the same.

The origin of Columbus Day can be dated back to 1792 when the Tammany Society, also known as the New York’s Columbian Order, celebrated the 300th anniversary of Cristopher’s discovery. In the late 1800s, the American-Italians started celebrating their heritage on this day. Columbus Day was made a national holiday by President Franklin D Roosevelt. The people of Latin America call this day “Dìa de la Raza (day of the race).” Many states in the U.S. celebrate Columbus Day as the Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Columbus Day isn’t just a celebration of the discovery of the Americas but that of ingenuity, hope, dreams, and exploration. This Columbus Day, celebrate the holiday by exploring new horizons. Find new places, walk new trails, climb secluded peaks, and swim in beautiful oceans. Get the cheapest airline tickets while booking Columbus Day flights and fly to cities you have never been to before. You can also avail Columbus Day flight deals and Columbus Day travel deals to explore new countries and cultures just like Columbus did.

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