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Things to Do in Tel Aviv

The City that Never Sleeps

Tel-Aviv is the second largest city in Israel that never sleeps! Located on the Mediterranean coastline, the city is the largest in the Gush Dan region of Israel.

A city known for its seaside culture, sizzling cafes, art, boutique hotels and UNESCO World Heritage Status – is becoming popular amongst the travelers for the very right reasons.

Vital Stats:

Nearest Airport: Sde Dov Airport, also known as Dov Hoz Airport is the nearest airport from the city center.

Modes of transport in the city: Now that you reached Tel Aviv, make sure you use the following public transport –

  • SkyTran
  • Bicycles
  • Buses
  • Taxis

Top Attractions: Now let’s try and give you couple of hot-selling places that you can look at adding to your itinerary for your travels to Tel Aviv –


Tel-Aviv Jaffa Promenade

For the busker you!

This one is for the busker crawling inside you. A bustling walkway that will keep you busy throughout. If you are looking out to just go around for a lazy stroll then, Tel Aviv Jaffa Promenade is the place for you. From mind-blowing view of the sunsets, lots of people to authentic street food and music buskers, find everything local here and experience the everlasting charm.


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