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Things to Do in stratford

The City of Art

Known around the world for being one of the top artsy towns of the North America region. Close to major global destinations like London and Toronto, Stratford is a bustling city in the state of Ontario of Canada. It is a renowned city based upon the River Stratford, falling under the Perth County on the South-western side of the state of Ontario. Since more than a century, Stratford has been the prime focus of the Perth County with a prominent arts community, with major cultural influences owing to the influx of Irish, English, Scottish and German immigrants in the early 1830s and 1840s. Stratford still remains quite rooted as a city and a major population takes up agriculture as their prime vocation, going into different verticals like Mixed Farming, Dairying, and maintaining barns and farms. It has numerous art and music events, with many gourmet restaurants and local eateries, and many tourist attraction which account for a perfect holiday. So before you intend on making your itinerary for Stratford, we urge you to go through this list of top things to do in Stratford.

Stratford Perth Museum

One of the best attractions of the Perth County, The Stratford Perth Museum should definitely pike your interest with its interesting and varied collection of exhibits. It is a museum especially dedicated to the lives of people and different communities who have made Stratford a true gem of Perth County. It has exhibits for rail shop in Stratford, to the esteemed carpentry of the Mornington Ward, and also exhibits from the Mennonite Barn. This museum with its exhibits believes in honoring the lives and vocations of the past and present generations of Perth County. Certainly ranks the first place on your things to do in Stratford list.

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