World's Best Christmas Vacations For Families

Whenever I think of Christmas, somehow, for the weirdest of reasons, the image of an anguished Grinch clouds my mind. I find no other story in the world as motivating and as close to the true Christmas spirit as that of Grinch. A man pushed away from civilization by his own limitations and insecurities tries his best to ruin a perfect Christmas Eve for the town he loathes- Whoville. He steals all the presents, food, and trees while the town is out celebrating. Waiting eagerly for the shrieks of panic and outrage from the town, Grinch is shocked when the townsfolk instead sing Christmas carols and go on celebrating. This is when Grinch realizes Christmas is not just about gifts or materialistic things. The festival is about love, hope, and family and what represents it better than a family trip together. Book a last minute flight and embark on your Christmas journey with glee.

Traveling is worthy of Christmas spirit, and taking a trip with family makes it all the more attractive. With the whole world celebrating, exploring a new city or country with your loved ones is an amazing thing to do. The joyful atmosphere in sync with your equally happy spirit and the prospect of some quality time with family makes the Christmas trip worth everything. So, this Christmas, plan a vacation with your family to a country you have always wanted to explore. If you are unsure of where to go, we have prepared a list of best Christmas vacation locations that can be explored with family. Read on to give your family the greatest Christmas gift possible - the gift of travel.


Norway is a beautiful country. Often deemed as one of the most beautiful countries by various travel magazines and blogs, Norway's charm is limitless. With its high mountains, glaciers, and Fjords, Norway mesmerizes visitors with a fervor of a love stricken human trying to woo their lover. The country is all the more beautiful during Christmas. The country starts to decorate itself in pretty lights and festive garbs right from the month of November. The best reason to visit Norway with your family during Christmas though is the sight of the legendary Northern Lights which are more famously known as Aurora Borealis. The sight of the dancing lights in the sky while sitting with your family next to a bonfire on Christmas Eve has to be the greatest way of celebrating the auspicious day. One more thing that intrigues travelers about Norwegian Christmas is that the celebrations start from 23rd December and last till the New Year's Eve.


Germany makes your heart go gaga, honestly. The intense beauty of the country is exemplified only by the variety it offers. From the mighty Alps to vivacious ravines, there is plenty to do and see. The true German experience lies on the outdoors. Explore the medieval villages, forts, and castles. Or walk through dense forest trails, boat through calm lakes, and drive through modernized Autobahn where cars whiz past you like bullets fired from a gun. The reason we have put Germany on the list, however, is their extravagant Christmas celebrations. Germans really do know how to celebrate. Whichever city you prefer to go to, be it Hamburg, Berlin, or Frankfurt, you will notice that people love Christmas. The giant decorated Christmas trees and the delicious feasts are sure to win your heart. Frohe Weihnachten, indeed. Make a hotel booking in Berlin and feel the zeal of German Christmas.


Japan is the only country on the list that lacks proper Christmas celebrations but it makes up for it with everything else. The land of the rising sun is always a shocker in every way possible. It is the perfect country to take your kids to if you want to make them more open to other cultures. The culture and wonts of the country are a reason enough to visit. Add its culinary expertise and natural beauty to the equation and it becomes one of the most desired tourist countries in the world. Your kids will simply go crazy with all the sweets and incredibly cute souvenirs and toys around. The husband/wife will thank you for the hot spring baths and the sushi escapades. Coming back to the reason we made the list- Christmas. Japan celebrates Christmas in the weirdest of ways. Everyone visits KFC. Due to a 1974 advertisement campaign, it has become a Japanese ritual to eat at KFC on Christmas. Fried chickens for Christmas is a reason worth visiting Japan.


This tear shaped island is anything but morose. Especially during Christmas. The country is often credited as the father of modern westernization. After having colonized most of the world, the country of England has influenced the culture of every known city directly or indirectly. Therefore, visiting this country is always intriguing. From a queen to castles still in the game, England is covered in history. Visit Stonehenge and be mesmerized by the ancient mysteries or visit the world famous city of London and explore museums, London Eye, and the infinite alleyways. The best city to celebrate Christmas when in England is obviously London. With its glitz and glamour, the city sure knows how to put on a show.


Christmas is all about winters and warm clothes, right? Wrong! In Australia, it is not uncommon to see Santa walking around in shorts. This country of wilderness and eccentricity never ceases to surprise its tourists. And in its surprises and eccentricity lies the true attractiveness of Australia. There is literally no better way of celebrating Christmas than diving in to the warm waters of Indian Ocean. A perfect getaway regardless of the time of the year, Australia is decked with deserts, rare fauna and flora, and the greatest beaches in the world. The people here are the warmest and friendliest lot you will ever come across. This attribute is even clearer during Christmas time when the carnival like atmosphere of the country is at its peak. So, this Christmas pet a kangaroo or hold a koala all the while wearing summer clothes, the family is going to absolutely love it. Get cheap flight tickets for your travel to Australia and explore a country that is overrun by all things fun.