Why You Should Make Valentin's Day A Travel Day

Red roses, candle-lit dinner and candy-hearts may be the norm but after following the same routine every year, it becomes a bit of a snooze-fest. To keep things interesting this Valentine's Day, take your sweetheart for a trip to a city of your choice. You must be thinking, "Why travel on Valentine's Day when you can relax at home instead?"

Here's why--     


Admit it. Every now and then, you've thought about running away and go live in a place where no one knows you. Not because you don't like the life you're living now. But because, it is exciting! Go to a place you've never been before. Walk down the streets of an untouched little town. Have a cup of java at charming little owner-run cafes, located at the bend of a dirt-road. What makes this scenario even better? Having the 'love of your life' sitting across the table from you, sharing your passion for coffee.   

Spice things up- 

When it comes to keeping your relationship alive, an important factor is to try out new and interesting things together. Going to the same old restaurants, eating the same old food and visiting the same old malls tend to become mundane. In other words, it's really boring. This year, share the joy of exploring a new city with your beloved. Find numerous travel deals on Lookupfare and go on an adventure together. Savor an exquisite cuisine, go for sky-diving or have the rare experience of swimming with dolphins. Through research, it has been found that couples who go on adventures together share a stronger bond than the ones who don't. And what better occasion to strengthen your bond than on Valentine's Day?     


Eloping with the one you love is not just a teenage fantasy. In the world we live-in today, getting to spend some quality time seems to have become a distant dream. Valentine's Day is the perfect time for you to turn this dream into a reality. Elope with your darling (for a few days) away from prying eyes. Walk down a deserted beach at sunset or camp up at the mountains, just the two of you-- and a few wildlife species to keep you company. 


Traveling to awesome places is something that we all want to do. Who doesn't like to discover new places, meet different people and listen to their life stories? Right? This Valentine's Day, get your better half the gift of travel by planning a romantic trip. Charm your way into his/her heart by choosing a city s/he would like. Plan activities that are fun and not bound by time-limits. After all, who wants to skitter around during a vacation, running from one tourist-y spot to another? Vacations need to be stress free. A Valentine's Day special trip? Even more so.