What Not To Forget When Traveling With Children!

It's the Winters, and time for the big yearly winter vacation! Flying with children, it takes a lot of efforts to make sure that you reach at your destination in one piece. Overlooking the things when you travel on your own or with your friends is bad enough, but overlooking things when you?re with your kids can quickly turn your long awaited peaceful holiday into a lurid experience.

There you are, finally relaxing conveniently in your flight seat, ready to spend an incredible holiday overseas. And just when you are about to fly off, all of a sudden you realize you forgot your camera at home! No matter how much you cuss and face-palm, you can?t go home to retrieve your camera. Not a good feeling, right?

It?s one thing to forget your camera, but forgetting your baby?s pacifier or your child?s beloved toy will give you the same feeling, only ten times worse! So, for you to  spend the family vacation of your dreams, where you leave all your worries behind, we have forged checklist introducing some of the most important things you need to remember when traveling with kids.

Some Finest Tips for Keeping Your Kids Happy On/Off Board

  • The first and foremost thing is to see the pediatrician before you leave- Traveling with your baby, it is best to consult with the pediatrician a few days prior leaving. As everyone knows, babies are more feeble and susceptible to germs than adults. Ear pain caused due to pressurized cabin of flights, breathing in recycled air, being in the proximity of potentially sick passengers-- there are abundant risks to your little ones. Your pediatrician will offer you many useful tips to make sure everything runs smoothly. And please make it a point to update your kid?s vaccines for a blissful holiday.
  • Avoid Packing at the Last Minute- This goes without saying but it is always advisable to pack your bags days before the actual date of journey (or atleast start packing in bits and pieces days before the actual date). Rushing things has never been a good idea. Packing your bags at the last minute is the best way to forget important things. God forbid if you forget to pack their favorite bunny/binkie/blankie, they are gonna make you know how unhappy they are-- All. Through. The. Trip.

Take some time to pack in peace and be smart about it. It is best to make a packing list. That way, you can check the list one last time when it?s time for you to head-out! Travelers? check, IDs, passport and other important travel documents are essential items which should be included in the list, especially if you?re traveling overseas.

  • Put this in your carry-on baggage or suffer the consequences- When you board a long haul flight, you would better be safe than sorry when it comes to providing entertainment for your kid. Though these days, the in-flight entertainment systems of most airline companies are revised to make sure that children are busy during the whole flight, nothing beats having your child?s own coloring book, favorite games and cartoon/tv shows handy! There?s something about the whole ambience of a flight that encourages kids to explore their creativity-- always a pleasure for parents to watch.
  • Snacks- Always carry enough snacks with you. Sometimes kids like something to munch on something when they bored during travel. It is particularly useful when you have a picky-eater and s/he refuses to eat the in-flight food. It also comes in handy if you?re traveling in long-haul flights. It would go a long way if your kids want a particular food and it?s not available at the airport. Home cooked snacks are always healthier than the ones you buy.
  • Medicines- Just like kids, their health is unpredictable as well. It would save you a lot of inconvenience if you carry meds for minor illnesses like coughs/colds, ear infections etc.   
  • Kleenex- As a parent, you probably know this so this is just a reminder. Where there are kids, things will get messy. Make sure to carry enough kleenex with you. 

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