Top Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Traveling has become an important part of our life. By traveling we rejuvenate ourselves but that is not all there is to travel. Travel also means creating memories, having great life experiences, and making life-long friends. Travel is not just any trend, it has become a part of our lifestyle. But, with the increase in number of travelers and trips, the number of hassles and mistakes has also increased. These mistakes people commit during travel can easily end up being their bad memories for eternity. One slight mistake can scar you for life. I remember one such incident very clearly, as if it happened only yesterday. A friend and I went abroad on a vacation. We wanted to do a road trip and thought that we'd rent a car. We decided on not buying the insurance. We started around 10 in the night to avoid traffic. On the road, after hours of driving, our car hit a ditch in high speed. Within minutes, smoke began to rise from the engine. We knew something was amiss. The main problem was that it was 3 in the night and there was no way we could find a mechanic. Even worse was the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere. And the cherry on the cake of blunders was that we had decided not to buy the insurance. That one night has stayed with me forever. A series of terrible mistakes that led us to be stranded and helpless in a foreign country. Today, to help out fellow travelers, I bring to you a list of top travel mistakes and how to avoid them. Plan your next international trip, book cheap flights and save money. Read on to know more about top travel mistakes and how to avoid them.            

Losing Passport

You are in a country far from home. Your trip has just started and you are extremely excited. In between the excitement you lose your passport and now you don't know what to do. The whole trip is spoiled because of a mistake. Losing your passport can be incredibly problematic especially when you are abroad and on a trip. You don't know how you'll go home or what you will do. And, even though it might seem otherwise, this mistake is actually very common amongst travelers. To not let this mistake ruin your vacation, you need to create copies of your passport. Scan your passport before traveling. Keep copies on you and also upload them on your email or cloud drive. Getting back your lost passport no matter the country is fairly easy. You just need to remember to always keep copies of it; in person and online so that when the situation goes haywire you can easily have them handy.


What should I pack? I might end up going to the beach so I should pack swim wear and suntan lotions. It might get cold so I should surely pack a lot of winter clothes. These "mights" lead travelers to pack way beyond the required clothing for a trip. Always pack less. Less than you might need. Do not base your packing list on "what ifs." For one, you will get charged extra by flights for exceeding luggage limits. Secondly, it is going to be extremely difficult to carry so much luggage while traveling. Avoid this mistake by making a list of things you actually need. You will find laundry service in every hotel you stay, so you do not need to pack your clothing according to the number of days you are going to travel. In addition, you can always buy clothes or cosmetics if the situation calls for them. Do not depend on your predictions and pack.  

Using Debit/Credit cards in a different country

Imagine you are in Prague on a much needed break. You are craving for a chilled mug of Czech beer. So, you go to an ATM to transact money. The machine informs you that your card has been declined and you try again. To add to the miserys, it is again declined. Well, you are in tight spot now. You have no money, you are far far away from home and on top of that your card has been declined. This will happen for sure if you forget to inform your bank in advance about your international trip. Banks block all ATM cards used abroad if they are not in the know in order to prevent theft and card fraud. They are trying to protect your money so you can't even blame them. However, one thing you can blame them is how they charge money on transactions made abroad. To not let these mistakes ruin your travel, we suggest a simple solution. Either inform your bank in advance about your travel or get your currency exchanged from the airport back in your own country. Problem solved. Get best flight deals on your travel to Prague and avoid getting your card declined with our free tip.

Fully packed travel itinerary

Every city has its own charm. Every country its own distinct culture and attractions. Now, no matter how much you have researched a country or city, you will never know its true essence until you explore it. There might be certain plans that you make after reaching the city, certain treks you might want to do once there. Always leave space for the unplanned locations and attractions. If you go with a packed itinerary, chances are that you will miss out on some life altering unplanned attractions. All in all, planning is good and appreciated but not having any flexibility in your plans can lead to exhaustion and stress. Make comfortable and convenient hotel bookings prior to your travel and avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Letting mistakes ruin your trip

One thing you should remember as a traveler is that mistakes happen. On every trip a tiny mistake or sometimes, when fate is not friends with you, a big mistake occurs for sure. There is no way to avoid each and every mistake. The best you can do is not let these mistakes ruin your much awaited vacation. As a traveler, you need to be strong headed when it comes to inconveniences. I still remember when my sister lost her passport in Dubai on the second day of her month long vacation. She simply informed the embassy, submitted the proper documentation, and carried on with her vacation. The reason was simple, what had to happen had in fact already happened. Once she had lost her passport, she had two options. She could either weep and feel sad for the rest of her trip or continue to have fun knowing that the problem was in the past. You too, as travelers, have the same two options. Either weep over a mistake or do what you came to do - enjoy as much as possible. So, next time book flight tickets with a clear motive of just having fun while being cautious but not cranky.