Top Tips For First Time Campers

While a lavish vacation sure has its own way of charming our hearts, camping amidst nature has to be a life defining experience. What could be better than sleeping under a blanket of stars while the chilling fresh air caresses your body and the gurgling of river serves as the perfect background score? That's just half of the story. Because only while camping will you wake up to the sound of chirping birds (no hatred of alarms for once!) and the majestic view of the rising sun in the morning. Ah, did life just seem to start making sense?!

However, camping stays a far-fetched dream for many because it's often seen as a little too venturesome. And, we don't deny that it's not. But, what's a life lived that doesn't have experiences that scream risk and adventure? Well, none of us want that. If you have a passion for traveling, then camping has to be one of your favorite way of vacationing. So, if you plan to head out on your own on a camping excursion for the first time, pay heed to our tips. Soon after, book airplane tickets to the destination you think you would want to pitch your tent at.

Packing is the key

When you're up for camping, packing only the essentials is a wise move. Pack only those things that are a must. There's no point on carrying unnecessary things that are only going to add to the weight. Trust us, you don't need everything. Prepare a checklist of the things that you absolutely won't be able to survive without while camping, and pack accordingly. That definitely does not mean oodles of luxury. A few pairs of clothes, toiletries, camping gears and food is all that you need.

Size matters!

Well, it surely does when it comes to a tent. If you are two people sharing a tent, what size of a tent will you buy? You are prompt to think, "Two" and wonder if that was even a sensible question. But, that question is a real good one. Because, it doesn't work two for two or four for four when it comes to tents. To simply put it, if you are two people, then go for a tent that accommodates four. You double up the space for the number of people sharing a tent. There has to be room for your belongings too, right? It wouldn't be a great idea to suffocate in a squeezed up tent while you camp.

Prepare for the weather

Okay, you must have thoroughly checked the weather of the place where you are going to camp. But, let us tell you clearly that the weather of a place likes to play its own master. It's deceiving and unpredictable. While summer days are warm enough, temperature drops down several degrees during nights. So, carry warm clothes even during summers. It's no fun shivering through the night. Also, be rain prepared. It can mark its presence any time. Weather fluctuates and trust us, there will be no one to blame. Keep belongings that can survive the wrath of rain and strong winds. No one stands a chance with Mother Nature.  

Be picky with your campsite

Camping is an adventure - good times and solace all rolled up in one. You can choose gorgeous places anywhere in the world to pitch your tent. But, you can absolutely save those faraway places distant from civilization for a tad bit later since this is going to be your first. Make sure that on your first excursion, you keep it basic. You can divide your choices in to two categories. One being the countryside and the other, the coast. And then, choose which place shall be ideal for camping with easy access to everything; in case anything goes wrong. And, if it does, no need to panic. Camping is a lifelong learning process. You will get the hang of it slowly and gradually.

Check and learn before you leave

You cannot afford an "Oh, no! I forgot to keep this or check that" once you have reached your campsite. You cannot get there and try to pitch the tent based on the direction written on your newly bought booklet. That's a grave mistake you're going to commit. So, learn it before you go. Pitch it in your garden and practice setting it out. Don't go a novice. Also, if you have borrowed anyone's tent or have had one in reserve for a long time, check it thoroughly. You don't want to end up discovering that it is torn or doesn't set up properly.

Don't invest in everything a camping requires

Okay, we know you must be having cold feet about the whole camping thing. And, in all that anxiousness you might end up buying a whole lot of camping gears and essentials that might not be needed. We know it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. But, remember number 1 rule of packing? Only the essentials. Camping has been made fancy by too many products out there in the market making things quite easier on every facet. But, what's the point if you are staying in a world full of luxury. Camping should push you to widen the boundaries of your comfort zone. Don't fall prey to the marketing gimmicks of sellers coaxing you to buy everything when you shop for your first ever camp. Go on to build your collection but with time and experience.

Well, these are some of the tips and tricks that may come in handy when you are out for your first ever camping trip. There is no such thing as "well prepared" or "over prepared" with camping. Just stick to the vigor and passion of exploring nature at its best and everything shall fall in to place. Book cheap airline tickets to the destination that you want to go to and just quench your thirst for camping.