Top Easter Travel Destinations Around The World

Easter is waving at us with glee and we cannot be happier to embrace it. Rooted deep in the beliefs pertaining to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the festival is a symbol of victory over sin. It can also be interpreted as the beginning of a new life, much to the similarity of the season it is celebrated in - spring. Easter eggs, bunnies and lilies are a few of the other images that pop up on the mere mention of Easter.

The festival is celebrated with a whole lot of pomp and show in different parts of the world. Each country has its own beliefs, traditions and customs associated with the holiday. Thus, it makes for a perfect time to visit different destinations across the globe to delve in to the culture and practices of the places dipped in the ethos of Easter. So, pack your bags, book airplane tickets to some of the best destinations in the world to celebrate Easter this year.

Rome, Italy

The ancient city breathes new life during the Easter week and one cannot escape its charm. Every street is abuzz with festive vibes and religious souls can be spotted at every nook and corner. The fragrance of the blooming flowers fill up the city and the windows adorned with chocolate eggs delight everyone. The delish Italian cuisines heighten up the experience in Rome. In addition, being a part of the parade at St. Peter's Basilica, led by the Pope, is unlike anything you have ever done. The inclination of Rome towards the medieval traditions still reverberates in the celebrations and you cannot help but be in awe of this city.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A city marked with canals and bridges, Amsterdam looks like a place straight out of a fairytale book with Easter peeking through the vibrant dash of colors. A string of activities taking place throughout the city keep visitors entertained and engaged. The celebrations mark their presence even in the special festive cuisines that grace the menu of a number of restaurants in the city. But, what wins your heart in Amsterdam are the tulip fields that are in full bloom during Easter.

Washington D.C., USA

Our social media news feed gets filled with videos of Easter eggs rolling on the lawn of the White House every Easter. And, we secretly wish that if we could do that too. But, this opportunity is only for those lucky few who are able to win the lottery ticket. So, try putting your luck to test and pray that you win. However, this is just one fun part of celebrating Easter in Washington D.C. The other reason, hands down, has to be the mystical cherry blossoms. Nothing like having a glance at this floral spectacle.

Seville, Spain

Easter is celebrated in full swing in Seville. Parades with floats narrating the story behind the festival and people marching practically across every street, this is a rare sight that you get to witness. The cathedral marking the city is imposing in its grand architecture and the celebrations bespeak of its significance at large. All the people of Seville are out and about in the city during Easter, dancing away on the streets, greeting friends and family, and sampling delicious sweets.

El Nido, Philippines

You might be wondering why Philippines? But, let us tell you that El Nido is going to be one epic place to celebrate Easter. Majorly dominated by the Christian community, this place comes alive with parades, markets and activities to mark Easter. Apart from considering it for getting a peek in to the cultural endowment of El Nido, zero in on this place for its incredible landscape. Dotted with sandy beaches, towering cliffs, splendid lagoons, this place is all things magical. Once you're done celebrating Easter, you can head out for kayaking, island hopping and simply relaxing on one of its serene beaches.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua cannot skip our minds when talking about Easter. The city is notable for its animated celebrations of Easter. Carpets with intricate designs in vibrant colors rolled out on the streets is the distinguishing feature of Easter celebrations in the city. Processions are carried out on colored carpets depicting the story of Jesus Christ. The whole city comes together in jovial spirits to profess their faith in the religion. And, whoever witnesses Easter in Antigua vouches for being audience to these colorful celebrations.  

Jerusalem, Israel

If you want to feel the wave of Christianity in its full glory, then there's no place better than the holy city of Jerusalem. The entire city joins hands in celebrating Easter with renewed energy each year. The city that has been the origin of Easter holds a celebration that is all about faith and joy. There are so many pilgrimage sites in the city that days will fall short to explore it all.           

So, without any further ado, hop-on a last minute flight to any of these destinations if you don't want to miss being a part of some colorful Easter celebrations.