Top 10 Signs You Are A Travel Addict

Travel bug stings a lot of people as they march on their first getaway. Some are able to withstand the addiction while some solemnly give in to the temptation. And those who do, oh Boy! They wear this addiction as a badge of honor; never shying away from professing their love for traveling. They exhibit signs time and again that demarcate them as travel addicts. Such signs are hard to brush aside as they are explicitly evident in a traveler's persona. Glance through some traits to see if you qualify as a travel addict.    

There is a blurred line between reality and day dreaming for you

Your favorite pastime is to teleport yourself (mentally) into the destinations that you've been longing to go to. There is this strange happiness in imagining yourself traverse through your bucket-list-town/city/country. And since your research about the place is so on-point, you actually feel it happening for real.

Like a hawk you are always prying for travel deals

Your browse history will always be directed to travel portals offering best flight deals. You shamelessly admit to being a sucker for travel deals. And there is no stopping. Your incessant efforts at it land you some attractive deals.

You are hooked to anything related to travel - blogs, movies and books

Your Instagram feed is filled with travelogues from travel bloggers and you secretly wish to be one yourself. "Into the wild" is hands down your favorite movie and your revered writers are all travel fanatics.      

You adorn the corporate suit to fund you travels

A wandering soul tied up to the 9 to 5 schedule is sure not how you want your life to be. But reality can be bitter and even when you know all travel hacks, you still need money to fund your travel expeditions. Hence, the white collar jobs to unleash the traveler in you when the next pay check arrives.

Your passport is an album of nostalgia

A passport is like a photo album that brings back all the fond memories of the destinations explored in the past. The colored stamps paint your life in hues of indisputable happiness.

Next travel escapade? Bring it on!

You may be taking the last swig of coffee on your return home at the airport whilst your I-planner has already been squeezed with next travel plans. Well, that is what you need to motivate yourself to do the thing called ? life.  

Packing? When did that take time?

You are a pro at packing. You can easily squeeze a month's clothing in a small rucksack. Your essentials are always travel-ready and beckons your travel spirits every now and then.

Man is a social being and you prove it

Are you social or are you social? Well, your web of friends is spread throughout the world. The connections made on journeys are there to stay.           

Your survival instincts are superlative

You can sleep anywhere, you can survive extreme weather conditions and you can eat anything & everything. You seem no less than a descendant of Bear Grylls.

The world is your home

Homesickness? You had stopped feeling that a long time back. Being on the road, traveling and exploring, that feels like home.