Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Women have traveled far and wide, straight out of our atmosphere and into the vast expanse of space. However, eyebrows are raised when you tell people that you're going on a trip alone. Even in this time and age, women need to think about their safety when they go on a solo trip. 

After years of thinking things through, I finally decided to stop letting fear make decisions on my behalf and made plans to embark on my first solitary trip. While making the necessary arrangement, I came across Lookupfare, a travel portal. They offer these awesome flight deals that matched my budget perfectly. 

We may live in a free country but women will never be truly free unless we stop depending on other people for our safety. A major part of my travel preparations was finding out ways which would allow me to be safe in a new city. Here is the list I made-

Share your itinerary- 

Don't just tell your family and friends where you're going. Share your complete travel plan with them, well, with at least one person who?s not traveling with you. The city or cities you're traveling to, the hotels you're staying at (with contact numbers) and the dates of your travel.

Travel light- 

Carrying light baggage is not only more convenient but it also draws less attention. As much tempted as you may be to carry multiple dresses & shoes with you, be assured that robbers love your baggage with multiple dresses & shoes even more.


Choose someone close to you and fix a specific time at which you'd contact that person during your travels. Phone calls, texts and e-mails, use whichever communication is convenient to you both. These regular check-ins can be scheduled to be made every day or every few days.  


Nothing draws more attention than being dressed differently from the general crowd. When you're out exploring a new country, make an effort to dress like 'one of them' and blend into the crowd. Robbers and other predators view tourists as easy targets, hence the need to camouflage as a local.     

Safety apps- 

There are numerous apps available online whose sole purpose is to make sure that you stay safe. Not just during your travels but also in your regular life. These apps send alerts to your loved ones and contact security authorities in case of an emergency.


Self-defense tools- 

This is pretty basic but many of us shy away from carrying these 'weapons' with us. If you're traveling alone, certain self-defense devices are your new best friend. Mace, whistle and cat-keychain are just some of the viable options you can consider. Though mace is not allowed to be carried in carry-on baggage, you can pack it in your checked baggage.

Be present- 

Don't be oblivious to what's happening around you. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you must use your iPod while exploring a new place, wear only one headphone. Be aware of the people walking beside or towards you. Walking through dark deserted alleys is a complete 'no-no'.

Don't just dream of traveling alone. Remember these points and turn your dreams into reality. Bon Voyage!