Best Places To Visit In The Month Of July

Travel cravings can knock anytime. One may feel the urge to storm out of the house in a whim to explore different places. In such situations, the only question is where to go? What place is best suited for a particular month? Yes, it is very necessary to narrow down the list of places on the basis of the month of traveling. This is because the climate, crowd and access to the place vary according to the time of the year. Since entire America is prepping up for celebrating 4th of July this month, it is one of the best times to visit and explore some of the best places in the United States. So, without a delay book cheap flights to the United States of America.


When summers hit the U.S., there are some places that come alive inviting tourists from all over the world to beat the summer heat.  One such place is Ithaca, a friendly town area in New York brimming with high-quality restaurants and diverse shops.  The Finger Lake Region that is mostly covered in snow in harsh winter offers scenic vistas that mesmerize the tourists visiting during the summers. The place has some gorgeous hike trails that offer breathtaking and spectacular views of the Buttermilk Falls, Treman State Park and the Taughannock Falls.

Oregon Coast

Another summery place to visit in America in the month of July is Oregon Coast. This place is for all those people who like to take long walks by the beach while the summery breeze soothes the mind and body.  Take a two hours' drive to the west of Portland and touchdown the most vibrant town of Oregon, Tillamook.  This place has the famous Three Capes Scenic Loop that offers some striking and picturesque hiking trails that are a gateway to the damp old forests and vast ocean spectacle. This place is also popular for its local production of cheese popularly known as the Tillamook cheese. So, avail best flight deals and fly to Oregon to enjoy the summery Pacific Breeze while you binge on some cheese.

San Juan Islands

A place that will evoke a poet in you once you see its beauty is the San Juan Islands.  This place is a dream land where life unfolds slowly with greenery all around. Located away from the hustle bustle of the usually crowded cities, here the mountains meet the sands making it look like a place just out of a painting. This place also offers cyclists one of the best scenic areas to ride around as they soak in the best of summers.  Also, when visiting in the month of July, make sure to celebrate 4th of July in San Juan to experience one of the best firework display.

Glacier National Park

Snow in summers should be a reason enough to visit Glacier National Park in Montana.  Yes, this one is a place that definitely will amaze you with its landscape as it stays covered in snow even in the month of July. This place remains inaccessible most time of the year because winter engulfs it in temperature too low and snow closes down the pathways to it.  With short summers that open its way for the tourists, make sure you plan a visit to this enigmatic place that is bound to leave you awestruck. So, book last minute flights to America and experience summers like never before.