Where To Go In May For Wildlife And Nature

May is that time of the year when the sun shines bright but is still bearable unlike the scorching heat the summers bring. It is also a spectacular time when you can get out and explore nature and wildlife without any worries of getting sun-burned. It is that beautiful time of the year when the snow is gone for good and flowers are in full bloom. Visit Lookupfare to book cheap airline tickets and visit one of the following national parks that have gifts of nature in abundance.      

Yosemite National Park - 

Choose from hiking, rock climbing, river rafting or backpacking to explore the Yosemite National Park. Well known for its waterfalls and unusual rock formations, the Yosemite National Park is located in Serra Nevada Mountains in California. In close proximity to the park, you can find ancient giant sequoias, deep valleys, a vast space of wilderness, grand meadows and much more to explore. Spring is the best time to visit the park as the waterfalls are at their peak and the blooming wildflowers make it a stunning scenery. Visit the park in May for pleasant daytime and chilly nights. You can also spend a night at the Yosemite by obtaining a permit and making reservations for camping and lodging.

Grand Canyon National Park - 

Spread over 1,217,403 acres, the Grand Canyon National Park is home to the Grand Canyon. Located in Arizona, the national park consists of layered bands of red rock formations, Colorado River and the equally popular and adventurous Grand Canyon Skywalk. South Rim of the park with its dramatic views and Colorado River make it a favorite spot for travelers to visit. Not just geological marvels and scenery, the park also boasts of some of the best outdoor adventure activities in North America. The month of May is a great time for a visit as temperatures are mild and crowds are manageable at that time. The North Rim has equally stunning views and fewer crowds even in the peak timing. Get to the bottom of the national park via hiking trails that descend from both the rims.

Yellowstone National Park - 

Home to the majestic bison, Yellowstone National Park is situated in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. When in Yellowstone, you will get to discover hot springs, alpine rivers, canyons and lush forests. A favorite destination for millions of visitors, the park houses hundreds of animal species, including wolves, elk and antelope. The area covered by the park is the only area in the continental U.S. where bison have lived since ancient times. Visit the park in spring if you wish to photograph baby bison that is usually born in the month of April or May.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - 

Known as the 'Salamander Capital of the World', the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sits on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. The national park is home to the largest protected American Black Bear habitat in the eastern U.S. Apart from black bears, the park features majestic mountains, lush forests, streams, rivers and waterfalls. This ideal getaway also happens to be the most visited national park in America. Spring season in the national park is gorgeous with an abundance of blooming wildflowers and a scenic drive to reach the spot.