11 Secrets To Successful Last-Minute Travel

While planning a trip, the one thing that worries us most is finding the kind of flight tickets we need. We all live on a specific budget. This applies to our trips as well. If you're about to go on a last-minute trip, then here are the pointers for you to remember-

Mid-Week Flights- 

Weekend flights are usually costlier than weekday flights. You'd save a great amount of money if you get your tickets done for a mid-week flight.     


Not having a fixed date of travel, a specific destination or a preferred hotel you want to stay in is beneficial to you. This way, you can find the flights, hotels and destinations that suit your travel budget better than your initial plan did.

Package Deals- 

Online travel portals provide certain package deals that offer everything, from flights to hotels to conveyance, all at heavy discounts. Booking one of these package deals not only helps you in saving some money but it takes care of all the aspects of travel at one go.

Reward Points- 

Most airlines have Frequent Flyer Programs that add reward points every time you fly. Many hotels offer Loyalty Programs as well. While traveling at the last-minute, redeeming the points you collected overtime would allow you to save some bucks. 


Many a times, airlines, travel portals and hotels send offers with massive discounts through their newsletters. It would be incredibly useful for you to sign-up for these newsletter whenever you get the option to do so.   

Social Media- 

Social Media not only keeps us connected to our loved ones, it also familiarizes us with all the ingenious travel portals and the lucrative travel deals offered by them.  

Travel Portals- 

Sometimes, travel portals have access to marked-down last-minute flight deals that can't be found anywhere else. While planning for last-minute travel, go through various deals offered by Lookupfare to find one that suits your travel requirements.     

24 hours to Departure- 

The seats on certain flights are not always filled up. Sometimes, airlines would offer flight tickets with huge discounts 24 hours before time of departure simply to fill up the remaining seats. All you need to do is search for these seats to travel cheap at the last-minute.

While booking a hotel, it pays off to call first and ask for a discount rather than demanding a discount on the spot at the reservation desk of the hotel.   

Go Solo- 

When it comes to booking flights, the chance of getting a concession increases if you're traveling alone. It's always easier to find one last-minute flight ticket than two or three.

Do Not Wait- 

Most travel packages and flight deals come with a time constraint. So, do not wait to book a package when you see one that meet your travel needs. It may not be available when you look again.