10 Things To Do In The USA

United States of America - the name alone conjures up a traveler's delight. This mammoth of a country is home to countless wondrous attractions. The country touted as the "Numero Uno" in the world is home to bright cities buzzing with life, endless roads perfect for enthralling expeditions, unparalleled natural vistas perfect for Instagram clicks, cultural behemoth for artsy souls and a gastronomical paradise that makes your taste buds crave for more. The country has it all. So, buckle up and book cheap flights to experience the grandiosity of the United States of America.                

As grand as it can get - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a majestic masterpiece of nature, located in the state of Arizona. The red rocky rugged gorges carved by the Colorado River spans as far as your eyes can reach. The grandeur of the Canyon is unparalleled and absolutely breathtaking.

Get Enchanted under the Northern Lights

Head to the city of Fairbanks in Alaska during winters and be ready to spot the rare natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. The hypnotic play of lights entwines spectators in a state of trance.

Get the perfect postcard click - Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco's most popular landmark, Golden Gate Bridge has a famed design, painted in striking orange. The suspension bridge spanning over a mile pulls crowd for the enthralling vista of the blue waters of the bay.            

Brush away the blues - Niagara Falls

The cascading bunch of three waterfalls weaves a picturesque view. The falls create a misty blanket, drenching the visitors. The thunderous roars of the falls is a testament to the magnitude of its depth and force.      

Get on the wheels - Pacific Coast Highway

Drive through California's most iconic Pacific Coast Highway that offers some extraordinary views. With the glistening ocean running parallel to the road on one side and the changing rocky landscapes on the other; it's time to fill up on gas and hit the road.                          

The famed lady - The Statue of Liberty

Take a ferry ride to see the iconic statue that symbolizes freedom and democracy. The marvelous structure is sure to put the visitor in awe of its towering power and history.      

Love the Lava - Hawaiian volcanoes

Active volcanoes are as rare as a hen's teeth. But Hawaii has a bunch of volcanoes that sprout molten lava; that is strikingly orange and beguiling. If you are fascinated by volcanos, then make last minute flight booking and head to Hawaii to see the magical lava.      

Glitz and Glamour - Las Vegas

Put on your best poker face, hit the world-famous casinos, trust your instincts and earn that fortune. Visit Las Vegas which is the ultimate party destination.            

Fall in love - New England

The fall season in New England is one of the most vibrant one in the country. Cities in this region glow in shades of the sunset. The soul-enriching landscapes gets imprinted in the hearts and minds of travelers.          

And it was all Yellow - Yellowstone National Park

Go for a hike on the beautiful trails, spot wildlife and camp under the stars; a visit to this national park brings you closer to nature. Make sure to witness the captivating phenomenon of the erupting geysers - Old Faithful Geyser, Beehive Geyser and Steamboat Geyser.