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Things to Do in Sedona

Snuggles Among a Geological Wonderland

Nestled against the imposing backdrop of the Red Rocks, Sedona is famous for its New Age spiritual counterculture, breathtaking beauty and vibrant arts scene. Many spiritual seekers believe that Sedona is the center of vortexes that radiate the Earth’s raw energy, giving rise to the city’s almost mythical allure.

Today, Sedona is as popular with outdoor adventure enthusiasts, who throng to its biking and hiking trails, as it is with New Age believers and practitioners of alternative medicine. Art lovers will appreciate Sedona’s art galleries and live events, while families will enjoy the city’s laidback vibe. Read on to discover the best things to do in Sedona and find out how you can make the most of your next getaway to this magical, mysterious city.  

Palatki Heritage Site

An archeological site located in the Coconino National Forest, the Palatki Heritage Site has ancient cliff dwellings that date back to 1100 CE. The site is known for its rock art, including pictographs and petroglyphs, some of which are older than the cliff dwellings.

The park is open to visitors all through the week and has two trails that can be used to explore the region. If you’re up for a challenge, head further north to the Honanki ruins, which also has pictographs and even more cliff dwellings.

Red Rock State Park

Famous for its red sandstone canyon that gives the park its name, the Red Rock State Park is dedicated to the preservation of the riparian habitat along Oak Creek. The park is home to rare native fish, several frogs and the endangered Sonora mud turtle. Birders will appreciate the wood duck, common black hawk and other bird species that call this park their home. You can also expect to bump into larger mammalian species, including cougars, coyotes, mule deer and river otters. Stop by the visitor center to view interpretative exhibits. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy mountain biking and horseback riding trails, which are accessible from the park.

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