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Things to Do in Charleston

The Holy City

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina as well as the state’s second-largest city. The city is known for its laid-back pace, old-world charm and stunning architecture. During the Civil War, Charleston did not face much property damage as a result of which, much of the city’s historic district still has buildings that are centuries old.

Aiding this was the historical preservation ordinance that the city had passed, making Charleston one of the first American cities to undertake such a measure. The city also has a height restriction ordinance, giving rise to Charleston’s atypical low-rise skyline that is scattered with church steeples.

Combined with the fact that Charleston was one of the few cities to welcome religiously diverse inhabitants including French Huguenots and Jews, this has given rise to Charleston’s moniker of ‘Holy City’. If you’re planning a trip to this quaint, historic and welcoming city, make sure to first check out our list of the best things to do in Charleston.

Middleton Place

A plantation that was built in the year 1741, The Middleton Place was home to the noteworthy Middleton family that played a prominent role in the Colonial and Antebellum history of Charleston. The plantation’s site was selected for its view of the Ashley River.

The plantation’s gardens are immaculately landscaped and designed with geometric precision, a deliberate bid by Henry Middleton to outdo his wealthy neighbors. Although the original main building was toppled over by an earthquake and Union soldiers burnt everything on the plantation to the ground, expect the guest wing. Visitors are invited to explore this wing and its grounds to catch a glimpse of life, as it was in erstwhile Charleston. 

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